Relationship Compatibility For Scorpio + All Other Zodiac Signs

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Relationship Compatibility For Scorpio + All Other Zodiac Signs

Love and relationships for Scorpio zodiac signs are complex and intriguing, which is why it's sometimes hard to know who is most compatible with one.

What's it like dating a Scorpio zodiac sign, according to astrology?

Scorpio is a powerful and intense zodiac sign that needs a lover to balance them out in their relationship.

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They can't thrive in a relationship with someone who will feed off of their dramatics and make things worse.

Scorpios blend really well with some horoscope signs and can have a lot of conflicts and bad blood with others.

Scorpio compatibility with Aries zodiac sign

Aries are very bold and flirtatious and like to put themselves out in the open and tend to not care what anyone else thinks.

This can seem and be hot and exciting and be the thing that attracts you to them, but it becomes hard because they’re also attracting every other person to them because of their boldness.

They’re also very impractical which goes along with them not caring what anyone else thinks.

They don’t plan ahead and are more spur-of-the-moment which can end up getting them into trouble.

So, unless you have a special case or an older Aries, it might be hard to find one that is willing to commit and settle down with you.

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Scorpio compatibility with Taurus zodiac sign

Taurus is the opposite of Scorpio within the Zodiac signs. You know what they say, opposites attract.

There will be so much sexual chemistry and connection. A Taurus is a stable, reliable, and trustworthy person.

They are good at bringing out the best in others which a Scorpio will love and find intriguing.

Both signs are very emotional and active, but a Taurus is more relaxed and chill while a Scorpio tends to be more calculated and planned out and needs to have control over most situations.

Scorpios are a jealous people and will not be a good match due to Taurus’s stubbornness.

Both parties are equally loyal so it should counterbalance, but only with a lot of effort and work.

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Scorpio compatibility with Gemini zodiac sign

Gemini’s are very intriguing and attractive and charming. Their biggest weakness is their lack of depth.

They are light and fun and not quite on the same emotional and intensity level as a Scorpio.

Geminis can be passive, and Scorpios are aggressive and direct and like to address things head-on.

There will be conflict between the two signs in a relationship because of this major difference.

There will always be different thoughts and ideas to discuss and think about.

It’s an unpredictable pair and can be fun for a short period of time which ultimately will get tiring and possibly not worth trying to fix because of how exhausting it will become.

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Scorpio compatibility with Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer is one of the best matches for Scorpio.

They are both emotional and loyal and possessive. They will show each other the same level of love as the other and match up amazingly because of that.

There will be so much romance, and commitment isn’t an issue because of the loyalty and trust in the relationship. Scorpios are very controlling and intense and that actually is an attractive quality for Cancer.

Cancers are more sensitive then they tend to let on and Scorpios aren’t always as aware of that and tend to just say things and speak their mind which can get them in trouble.

They have to be aware of the emotions or else it could turn into a vindictive verbal battle really fast. The relationship will overall be very strong and compatible.

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Scorpio compatibility with Leo zodiac sign

Leo is very intense and passionate and egotistical. You’ll both have so much drama and hate and love and mixed emotions for the other. It will be a rollercoaster of emotions and drama.

Leo will look up to you and admire you for your boldness and emotions. There is most likely enough hate and annoyance that you’ll break up multiple times a month but will come back to each other with intensity.

You have to be ready for all the never-ending passion that comes with dating a Leo.

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Scorpio compatibility with Virgo zodiac sign

Virgo is a very reliable and stable sign. They are quieter and have a more dominant shy and introverted side.

They are very selfless and caring and organized in life and relationships which would be a good balance for a Scorpio.

Virgos are harder to pursue because they are cautious, and it’ll be a chase for Scorpio.

Scorpio will want control and dominance which won’t be hard to achieve in a relationship with a Virgo.

But as the relationship continues, Virgo will open up and become more comfortable with speaking their mind and being talkative.

Scorpios are stubborn and determined while Virgos are critical and intellectual.

These differences need to add to the mystery and uncertain future of the relationship instead of letting it tear them apart.

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Scorpio compatibility with Libra zodiac sign

Libra is very similar to Scorpio which sparks an instant fascination with one another.

A relationship will be hard without compromises. Libra is more analytical, and Scorpio is definitely more emotionally driven and direct.

Libra is a charmer for sure and very good at small talk. This is a great skill but can become annoying and trivial to a Scorpio.

Libras search for approval of others and will often go too far to get it and this will annoy a Scorpio especially one in a relationship with said Libra.

Overall, Libras and Scorpios will eventually just annoy each other to death if they don’t break up first.

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Scorpio compatibility with Sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarius is a very passionate, exciting, and enthusiastic sign which will initially attract Scorpio.

Sex is inevitable and intense and passionate. There are a lot of differences that will drive them away from each other.

There are secrets and mystery on their Sagittarius side while there is honesty and bluntness from Scorpio.

Sagittarius is a lot less emotional and more detached than Scorpio.

Scorpio has so many emotions that need to be addressed and dealt with while Sagittarius doesn’t want to deal with anything and just wants to have fun and ignore responsibilities.

This will potentially stress out Scorpio and drive the two of them apart.

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Scorpio compatibility with Capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn has so much in common with Scorpio when it comes to values and goals in life.

There will be so much mutual respect between the two of them. There will be so much admiration between these two signs.

They’ll inspire each other to pursue their ambitions and have determination.

Capricorns are reliable and able to ground a Scorpio and help them be down to earth.

Capricorns can be less emotional than Scorpio which makes it hard to mesh.

Both signs are determined to live a stable life financially and emotionally.

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Scorpio compatibility with Aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius is confident and smart but also not very emotional which is something that Scorpios rely on.

There is a lot of physical attraction between the two that tends to balance out the lack of emotions sometimes.

Both people are rebellious and irresponsible which can turn out to be pretty careless but exciting and fun to be together.

The two signs will end up being very stubborn and get in fights that will add spice to the relationship but will eventually tear the two apart.

It will be fun while it lasts though.

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Scorpio compatibility with Pisces zodiac sign

A Pisces will always put a Scorpio first. They are selfless and loving and protective. They open up to others.

The relationship between the two will be so secure and loyal. They are incredibly compatible.

They are both agreeable and will bring out the best in each other.

Both signs are romantic and spiritual and emotionally needy and are good at expressing their emotions to each other.

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