How Capricorn Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Relationship And Love Life Starting December 22nd, 2019

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How Capricorn Season Will Affect All Signs Until January 19th
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Capricorn season takes us by storm with the beginning of eclipse season. But the real showstopper isn’t the stars or the moon in astrology — it’s us.

The season of the goat begins on December 22nd and will last until January 19th when we move into the air sign of Aquarius. But before we rush ahead and get so focused on the future, we forget to enjoy the now, so let’s reflect on how amazing this Capricorn love horoscope will be, and why it’s going to show us our zodiac signs that it’s never too late to start over again.

While the Sun shifts into the earth sign of the goat on the 22nd — along with the start of Venus in Aquarius and a few other aspects that will affect our love lives and get us thinking about what we want — there's other big news

And that big news is that we won’t be waiting for 2020 to experience our new cycle of eclipses.

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Eclipses occur when the Moon and Sun are in alignment, blocking the light of the Sun or the Moon depending upon whether it’s a lunar or solar eclipse. Eclipse itself means to block something out, which means that around these times we can see our entire life path shift. It’s scary and it’s natural to wonder if it’s for the better, but eclipse times also ask us to trust completely and surrender to whatever may happen.

What is interesting about this occurring during Capricorn season and before the end of 2019 is that it’s a clear message. It’s not only for the better as whatever changes occur will be more stable and grounded, but it’s also a clear message that we’re not meant to carry anything from 2019 into 2020, and into the new decade that is beginning.

The eclipse will occur on the 26th with our new moon in Capricorn and a Solar Eclipse, and will be responsible for not only bringing in some big life changes and sudden unexpected opportunities, but a new beginning we’ve been working towards for some time, even when it felt like we’d never achieve it.

So, once it gets here, our job is to not push it away, to not deny it, but to receive it with arms wide open. This also begins our two-week "anything can happen down the rabbit hole of possibilities" occurrence within the eclipse window, so be prepared but also be flexible. The best things in life are those that were never planned for, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be incredible.

Just a few days after that we see Mercury, the planet of communication, move into Capricorn, which is a great tool for us to utilize when we’re getting ready to make big life changes, seize opportunities and figure out plans. Trust the thoughts and ideas you have around this time, as those are in your best interest.

This aspect should also limit doubt and give us practical footing for making step-by-step progression with any dreams or ideas that have come to us.

While other years we were out celebrating, this New Year's Eve we’re going to be more focused on working out what to do once January 1st gets here, rather than partying with friends. This is a more serious Capricorn season, and while it’s a sign that has a reputation for being more down to earth, this year, it’s about being focused because we’re determined to not let another chance pass us by.

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Beginning January 3rd, Mars will shift into Sagittarius, which means big news for the men in our lives as well as for our own drive to do better this year. Mars is ambition and drive, while Sagittarius is all about far-reaching horizons and greater meaning; this drive for purpose is really something that is going to motivate us in the coming year, especially while we make plans.

For the men in our lives, this sign could lead to those that had felt dissatisfied making those changes within their health, career or even relationships. If your partner comes to you around this time, try to listen without fear of what’s next. It’s natural to resist the end of a relationship or phase within a connection, but sometimes it’s also exactly what needs to happen.

On January 10th, we will see our two-week "anything goes" window between eclipses close as we experience the full moon in Cancer and our lunar eclipse. This will be an interesting moon as the differences between Capricorn and Cancer will be highlighted.

While Capricorn is hard work and dedication, Cancer is the ruling sign of the moon and represents the mother, family, and a caring home and family life. This moon will challenge us to find a balance between work and love, friends and family, and perhaps where we are with where we want to be.

This moment may be the most deciding moment of 2020, as it will be one where the truth of our heart shines through everything else we’ve been focusing on and dealing with. Where home is and with whom it is will be decidedly obvious, and because of that, it may change the trajectory of our lives, or, at the very least, the plans we thought we would follow through with.

Uranus turns direct on January 11th towards the end of Capricorn season, which signifies a time of extreme change and opportunity. Having been retrograde since August 11th, it’s been a time of greater quiet, where the change Uranus has caused has been more internal.

Challenging our ideals and ways of thinking about ourselves and lives, we likely have found that certain parts of our lives no longer feel like they fit. Or, we aren’t sure who we are any longer.

This usually doesn’t occur because we’ve lost ourselves; rather, because we’ve found ourselves and now realize that the life we had built is not one that truly is authentic.

This will catapult us into Aquarius season just in time for us to keep moving forward, to believe in the possibilities of new beginnings, and to know that the past never decides the future.

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