The Ultimate Guide To The Virgo Zodiac Sign — The Most Down-To-Earth Sign In Astrology

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Virgo Zodiac Sign Guide: Horoscope Dates, Personality Traits And Astrological Sign Love Compatibility

If there’s one zodiac sign who can talk their way out of just about everything, it’s Virgo. Virgo’s horoscope dates are from August 23 to September 22. Those born under the Virgo zodiac sign are the most down-to-earth individuals in all of astrology, not to mention naturally skilled communicators.

But don’t write them off for seeming cold or calculating because the Virgo personality is one you definitely want on your side. 

What do we know about the Virgo zodiac sign?

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Virgo is an Earth sign, meaning they always have both feet planted firmly on the ground. Earth signs have lots of positive personality traits. For one, Virgos are extremely loyal. They value friends and family and will always have your back. They’re also practical and great decision-makers.

Ruled by Mercury, the Virgo sign is a natural-born communicator who always knows what to say and when to say it.

What are the details of the Virgo horoscope?

  • Horoscope Dates: August 23 - September 22
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Color: Gray
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Strengths: Hardworking, practical
  • Weakness: Critical, worrywart
  • Birthstone: Sapphire

What are the Virgo personality traits?

Virgo is most well-known for being analytical. A Virgo never makes rash decisions. They love thinking things through, and considering all options and possible consequences before coming to a final decision. You’ll very rarely find a Virgo taking a chance or acting impulsively.

On the downside, Virgo’s careful manner often makes them the wet blanket of the group. Spontaneity is not their strong suit — they like plans and rigid timelines. Their critical nature also tends to spill into their relationships. They aren’t only critical of their own lives, but also criticize others.

They don’t do this as an act of cruelty, of course — Virgos care deeply about others, and just like making sure others are thinking through their own decisions as carefully as Virgo does.

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What does the Virgo zodiac symbol mean in astrology?

Virgo has one of the most unique zodiac symbols of all of the zodiac signs, as it’s hard to tell at first glance what it actually is.

The Virgo zodiac symbol resembles the letter M with a loop at the end, which stands for the crossed legs of a woman. The symbol is that of a virgin, or maiden, and signals Virgo’s innocence and purity.

What does Virgo love compatibility look like?

Many zodiac signs might find it hard to get along with Virgo because of their penchant for criticism, but there’s one sign that’s able to put all that aside. Virgo has the best zodiac compatibility with Capricorn, another Earth sign.

Both signs share similar qualities and values. Like Virgo, Capricorn is hard working, with the added bonus that Virgo can have faith in Capricorn’s loyalty. The two signs strike a good balance. Where Virgo is afraid to take chances, Capricorn is fearless. Also, Virgo is a natural caregiver and Capricorn loves being cared for — it’s a match made in the stars!

Of course, no relationship is without its issues. Capricorn can find it hard to forgive, so disruptions will surface when Virgo is inevitably critical of Capricorn. However, Capricorn’s honesty and dislike for quitting matched with Virgo’s flair for communication will help things work.

What is the best career for the Virgo sign?

Virgo’s true gift is communication, so any career that lets Virgo get their thoughts out there is a win.

Virgos make great writers and journalists, as they are incredibly eloquent and persuasive. Their communication skills, as well as their knack for critical and practical thinking, also makes Virgo a successful politician and negotiator.

Who are famous Virgo celebrities and figures?

  • Singer Beyoncé (September 4)
  • Saint Mother Teresa (August 26)
  • Singer Michael Jackson (August 29)
  • Actress Cameron Diaz (August 30)
  • Actress Zendaya (September 1)
  • Actor Bill Murray (September 21)
  • Comedian Adam Sandler (September 9)

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