3 Reasons Why Aquarius Is The Most Complicated Lover In Astrology

These water bearers make great lovers.

3 Reasons Why Aquarius Is The Most Complicated Lover In Astrology getty

Every zodiac sign in astrology has their own unique personality traits, and that's incredibly important when it comes to zodiac compatibility. Because not every sign will be a match.

And when it comes to the Aquarius zodiac sign, they are one of the most misunderstood personalities around. Their attitude isn't for the faint of heart, but how do you know if you're compatible? It has a lot to do with how they act as a lover.


Understanding an Aquarius sign in love starts with recognizing that it only refers to Aquarius that have the planet Venus in their birth chart.

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Having Venus in Aquarius makes a person quite special, according to planet placements. They take on an unconventional, almost rebellious persona that chooses to express love openly and flirtatiously.


So, are you lucky enough to have found an Aquarius to love? Here's what you need to know about the Aquarius personality and what they are like as lovers.

1. Their love isn't a secret.

It is always fairly easy to recognize when an Aquarius loves a person because they're not too interested in keeping it secret. These people are naturally attractive and will have you thinking lustful things fast if you're not ready for it.

But sexual desire is just one facet of the Aquarius zodiac sign in love. They're also interested in getting to know who you are on a multitude of different levels. They like piecing together the different parts of you until they've got the full picture.

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2. They're rebellious.

The rebellious side of Aquarius in love crops up in their choice of partner.

They tend to choose partners who give off the extreme, shock-value type of vibe, as this is more important to them than having freedom in a relationship. They like things that rock the boat and cause a stir because they value the potential of progression.

If there were any a soul to challenge the definition of love, it would be Venus in Aquarius. Their unique ideas and willingness to experiment (and lustful one-night stands) would be at the forefront of the exploration of love.

3. They'll sacrifice anything for love.

These people are martyrs in that they'd sacrifice their own reputation for the sake of showing the world that love can exist in ways outside of the normal, accepted routines.


The downside to this is that an experimental and explorative demeanor often leaves them feeling somewhat impersonal towards their partners, who see you as apathetic.

Women with Venus in Aquarius like to be unique, often wearing their hair in uncommon ways or dressing alternatively. Unconventionality is what they aim for.

Men with Venus in Aquarius, however, have an inclination toward strange and eccentric partners. They like the "oddballs" of the world.


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