What It's REALLY Like To Have Sex With An Aquarius

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Aquarius see the spark in potential partners that others do not.

Aquarians are extremely lusty. Horn dogs and sex kittens, if you will.

The mirror opposite of their sweet and sunny demeanor, in the bedroom Aquarians take on a totally different persona. They can be downright kinky in many people's eyes. Aquarius folks try to put forth a nonchalant attitude about sex because they want to project the image that they can take it or leave it.

But in reality, Aquarians are extremely lusty. Horn dogs and sex kittens, if you will.

But for Water Bearers, it's never rutting without substance. Things erotic are intensely deep and personal for them. Just like they can be prone to over-think and intellectualize everything else in their lives, Aquarius puts a great deal of brainpower into the sex act.

Without beating around the bush, I'll just come out and say it: many Aquarians are into anal sex. Its social stigma attracts them, as do the sensations which are hyper-intense, bordering on pain and complex. Even straight Aquarian men crave a digit or two inserted deep past the knuckle every now and again.

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Many Aquarius ladies report that they can achieve orgasm solely from anal stimulation, much to the delight of their partners. Aquarians are turned on by the taboo.

While some Water Bearers are disturbed by this fact, most are not. Although they might appear cool and nonplussed in bed, Aquarians are generally adept lovers and are extremely open-minded. They hold their passion deep inside and try their best to contain their excitement, which they fear makes them appear vulnerable. Being horny, in their eyes, is losing control.

This is one reason that "sex from afar" is so appealing to Water Bearers. They are drawn to phone and cyber sex because they both create a safe distance — from themselves and from their messy passion. Since Aquarians are very heady (the big thinker of the zodiac), the idea of detachment is a huge turn-on for them.

So, disembodied erotic encounters, a faceless voice on the telephone, or engorged, unattached genitals on a video monitor offer Aquarius a perfect escape. Men, in particular, may carry on lengthy private chat room trysts that get hot and heavy, yet don't jeopardize their marriages or serious relationships.

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When Aquarians indulge in role-playing romps, a favorite theme is cuckold fantasies. These days, cuckolding means not just having an unfaithful spouse, but actually getting aroused by watching your partner partake in another. So cuckold away, Aquarians!

This could mean setting up an encounter with another man or woman that the spouse watches from a clandestine spot, unbeknownst to the other partner. Or it could mean that the "other" is in on the whole thing. Often, this type of threeway relationship can endure for many happy years.

Even though the Water Bearer is not a Water Sign, they have certain water elements, especially in the sack. Aquarius gals are often gushers — that's right, they actually squirt copious amounts of a thick, clear liquid when they climax. While this might put off some timid partners, others take it as the rare gift it is.

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I remember a cousin confiding in me that he once dated a lady who was a gusher. When I asked what happened to her, he gave me a wicked grin and said, "I married her!" And wouldn't you know it, his wife was an Aquarius through and through. Likewise, a good number of Aquarius men are right up there with their female counterparts, blessed with intense and bountiful emissions.

Because those born under this auspicious sign also tend to be very wise and knowing, they see the spark in potential partners that others do not. They are particularly attracted to those branded offbeat or odd. Physical differences don't faze them — they have the gift of looking beyond the fact that someone may have a prominent scar, lost a limb or has dwarfism, and are able to see the unique, special qualities in someone society labels "disabled."


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