The Ultimate Sagittarius Compatibility Guide: What Makes Sagittarius Truly Happy When It Comes To Love

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The Ultimate Sagittarius Compatibility Guide: Understanding Love And
Love, Zodiac

Your guide to understanding the Sagittarius zodiac sign's heart.

Knowing your zodiac compatibility is a helpful tool when entering the world of dating. You are able to figure out what exactly it is that you need and want from a relationship and who will be the one to give that to you.

Everyone may think they know a Sagittarius, but not everyone truly know who they are from the inside, and that is okay. People often see them as non-committed signs who don't know what they want in life. Others see them as people who will never be able to be in a "serious" relationship.

In reality, Sagittariuses are incredible free spirits, who desire to love and be loved. They are kind and welcoming and can make anyone fall in love with them for their personality alone.

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Best Sagittarius zodiac compatibility

For Sagittariuses, the zodiac signs that they are most compatible with are Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

It's crazy how in sync the Aries, Leo, and Libra are with the Sagittarius when it comes to all three signs' sensual nature, passion about similar issues, and fun-loving nature, which is why a Sag will most likely fall in love with someone of each of these signs in her lifetime. The Aquarius shares these common feelings as well, but what really draws an Aquarius and Sagittarius closer together is their high value for independence and optimistic way of living.

Who is a Sagittarius NOT compatible with, according to astrology?

Virgo and Pisces are far different from the personality and lifestyle of a Sagittarius, ultimately resulting in incompatibility.

Like all relationships, there are areas that require more work and tolerance in order for a Virgo and Sagittarius to work. Both signs have a very fast and clever way of thinking, which is why conversation between you two will never lack. Where you will fail is when it comes to talking about your feelings. A Sagittarius very in tune with her feelings and loves to share them while a Virgo will keep to themselves. Personality-wise, no offense to a Virgo, but they can sometimes be too slow for a Sagittarius' flow. 

As for the Pisces, their compatibility with a Sagittarius is very low and their personalities are so drastically different it can be noticed within minutes of interaction. 

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Top Sagittarius relationship needs

Above all, Sagittariuses need a special someone who is always going to be honest and ultimately loving with them. They crave to feel love, loyalty, and dedication. They also want someone who allows them to freely express themselves and loves them for everything that they are.

Sagittarius has some commitment issues, which is why many other committed signs may steer clear (the reason which is why one of the biggest things this sign requires is patience). They need someone who will try to get to know them and excite them because they have so much to give to offer the world and their partner.

A Sagittarius loves life and people and needs someone who is going to want to enjoy those two things with her. She will love and care for you in a way that no one else has done before. She is a free spirit who can sometimes be misunderstood, but if you take the time to get to know her for all that she is and can bring, you will love her as much as she loves life. 

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Where a Sagittarius is most likely to find love

The best place for Sagittarius to find love is... well, literally anywhere. It is very easy for her to make friends and people are often attracted to her personality.

However, more than anything, she wants someone who will be able to fit into her everyday busy lifestyle. Remember, she does not like to start off with commitment, so she needs someone who will accept that. She trusts her instincts when it comes to being set up with someone.

The best time for a Sagittarius to find love

Once you feel ready to settle down is when you should start looking for love. But until then, have fun and enjoy life. It is so important for you to fulfill every independent desire you have ever dreamed of before fulfilling any long-term relationship desires. And when it finally is time for that "real relationship," you'll find someone who will make you happy.

What makes a Sagittarius so irresistible

As A Sagittarius, you know yourself inside and out, which is one of your greatest strengths. You are so beautiful and your outlook on life is an aspect that makes you incredibly irresistible; that, along with your attractive personality. You make everyone around you feel wanted and comfortable. Your ability to always check on others and just give love without ever expecting anything in return is what people adore about you most.

How to make a Sagittarius happy in her relationship

All a Sagittarius truly wants is to feel that they can be the person that they want to be without any judgment. A Sagittarius tries as often as possible to unapologetically be herself and wants those in her life to show appreciation for that instead of judgment.

Try your best to understand her. You must understand the way she lives life and anything that she's done in the past, mistake or not, should never be judged but rather accepted and understood.  

So how EXACTLY does someone make a Sagittarius fall in love?

To make a Sagittarius fall in love, you must always be constant and consistent in her life. Become her best friend and show her how and why life can get a little better with you around. And take her on adventures whether big or small. Create never ending memories and love her until the end. 

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