The 2 Different Types Of Soul Connections — And The Important Purpose Of Each

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The 2 Different Types Of Soul Connections — And The Important Purpose Of Each

By Yve Anmore

We know when we meet people who connect with us at a soul level. Sometimes those connections feel amazing. Other times there’s powerful chemistry, but the connection isn’t one we’d call easeful.

Intense and volatile? Yes. Easeful? No. Both types of relationships are powerful and have something extremely valuable to bring to our experience.

What is a soul connection?

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Sometimes, we may feel linked to another person on a very deep and significant level. Perhaps it's a something we've never felt before.

In the end, this is a person who changes you in a serious and profound way. And things will never be the same after that.

That's what a soul connection is.

But what are the two types of soul connections we form?

1. The first soul connection is the "difficult connection."

Very often it’s in our early adulthood that we come across these type of connections — though, of course, they can also show up later in life. They can challenge us in ways we find unpleasant, stressful or even traumatic.

In our early relationships, we have much to learn and process. All of our limiting stories are at their zenith. We may not yet have begun to question who we really are, so the inner unraveling that comes with these intense connections play a valuable role.

It often takes this level of intensity and pushing of buttons to get us to really look at our stuff. Both parties in these soul connections will be confronted continuously with their lack of self-love. Their lack of self-awareness and attachment to being right, and making the other wrong will also be intensely highlighted.

Every time there’s a conflict, the buttons that get pushed allow soul lessons to be revealed and potentially resolved. If we’re not aware of that, then those connections can feel like hell in those moments.

On the flip side, there’s a strong sense of familiarity and recognition. Somehow, you are just yourself around this person — whether that self is approved of or not. You also feel powerfully connected, for better or worse.

These soul connections can show up in many different forms — from authority figures or friends, to intimate relationships. And when it's within our intimate relationships, you can guarantee that the sexual chemistry will be extremely intense.

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In fact, the physical connection may be the one place you get to relax and enjoy the relationship, because out of the bedroom there will be fireworks of the less pleasing kind. It usually takes time and perspective to see the profound gifts of self-healing that these learn-through-pain relationships initiate.

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2. The second kind of soul connection is also one of recognition and familiarity, but that’s where the similarities end.

These kinds of connections often come when we have processed a lot of our limiting stories, and they are meant to affirm and nurture us at the deepest levels.

We get to see ourselves beautifully mirrored in another in ways we find naturally healing. The lessons and the gifts come with gentleness and/or "aha!" moments. There’s a deliberate yet sustaining unraveling of our attachments to our limitedness.

They create profound shifts in ways that we find lovingly challenging and enlightening. There is often the energy of teacher and student to the interactions. Both parties can play each role and often do.

The sharing is intentional and present; that’s its beauty. Each one knows they have come together to learn and expand. The expanding may not always come easily but the conscious desire to shift alleviates the difficulties.

The sense of separateness and otherness between them dissolves or is thinned out. A growing awareness of being more than the body/mind shows itself.

Recognition of this often comes with knowing smiles or healing tears — souls meeting and acknowledging one another. This expansion is felt immediately in the body and healing at the molecular level can often take place.

Whether difficult or joyful, soul level connections are important.

Both types of soul connection have merit, bring gifts, and are deeply transformative in different ways. They come because they remind us of what we are here to learn, which is to love and value ourselves at the deepest levels.

They come to unlock us from our limiting beliefs, whether that’s through trauma or affirmation. They show us that we’re stronger than we knew ourselves to be and more resilient than we’ve given ourselves credit for.

When we’re ready, they reveal the depth and real purpose of our life experiences. They are, however they show up, a blessing and a gift.

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Yve Anmore is a passionate writer, singer, speaker, and spiritual life coach. Visit her website for more information.

This article was originally published at Good Men Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.