13 Reasons To Stop Wasting Your Time On Mediocre Men Who Bore You

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how to deal with a bad date

So, you had a date! Congrats, that means you are actually going out and making an effort in finding The One™. As a dating writer, I have to applaud you. It’s more than I’d bother doing with the dating cesspool these days and finally understanding how to deal with a bad date, that’s for sure.

Of course, there’s a snag here: the date kinda sucked. It wasn't so bad that it’d end up on a list of dating horror stories, but it wasn’t good either. It was just mediocre. You were left feeling “meh,” if not a bit grossed out.

It happens, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe it was because he was a terrible kisser. Maybe it’s because he wouldn’t shut up about the new Star Wars movie and let loose a spoiler. Maybe he drank a bit much or didn’t pay the tab. Or, maybe it’s just because something didn’t quite “click.” Whatever it is, it’s left you cold.

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Now, knowing this, the best advice I can give you is to just reject him. Don’t call him back asking for date two, don’t give him the benefit of a doubt. This is true, even if you are desperate to find a guy. If you need any reasons not to pick up that phone, here are some you need to consider.

1. You don’t want to waste time with someone that’s clearly not interested enough to keep you happy.

I’m sorry to say this, but most guys I’ve seen on mediocre dates are not really into the date, either. They are there to just say they went on a date and want ass. That’s it. Dragging it out is not doing you a favor, and if anything is just going to make you feel worse.

2. Rewarding sh*tty dates isn’t a good look.

With people, you get what you will tolerate. If you’re tolerating mediocrity, you will probably get mediocrity — and nothing more. Is that what you really want to do?

3. Dating is expensive, and it’s better to save your cash for a date that’d be quality.

Dinner and a movie is basically for millionaires at this point, but even things like sharing drinks at a bar will add up. I mean, a typical bar drink is around $7. If you split the tab for two drinks each, that’s about $14 you’re spending, not including tips.

If you saved up cash from three mediocre dates, that’d be enough for a fancy dinner with someone cooler.

4. If it’s a matter of personalities not meshing, it’s better to just let it go.

Stop trying to shove a round peg in a square hole. If your personalities aren’t compatible, there’s nothing you can do to salvage it. So, don’t waste effort on an uphill battle.

5. You could spend that time chatting to someone else.

If you’re really playing the field, chat up someone else. There’s a better chance you’ll be more compatible with them than to try to heal up a date that has already basically shown itself to not be that fun.

6. Even if things did work out, you don't want to recant your first memories with him by saying, “Yeah, it was an okay date, I guess.”

You probably would want to have a spark in your eyes when you talk about your future spouse. It will not happen if it was just an “okay” date.

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7. Pizza is a better option.

Because even when pizza is mediocre, it’s still decent enough to be enjoyed. When a date’s mediocre, though, it’s not good. It just kinda sucks but not enough for you to admit it sucks. Why go on a date when you can have pizza?

8. The fact is that you know you would probably be totally unenthusiastic about the date.

The fact is that, if you’re reading this, you already are dragging your feet to even call him up again. Why do that to yourself? You don’t want to have to drag your feet to a date, right? Come on, don’t do that to yourself.

9. Having standards that don’t include mediocrity isn’t a bad thing, and if you feel guilty about it, it’s important to remind yourself of this.

There’s this really weird trend among guys to shame girls for openly saying “it’s not working out,” and to pressure girls to lower their standards. Don’t give into it.

There’s nothing “selfish” or “bitchy” about realizing that you’re not into someone, so don’t sacrifice your happiness just to make some loser happy.

10. You could probably find something more entertaining on Netflix.

Sure, Stranger Things may be over for the time being, but watching it a second time isn’t that bad. There’s also Bojack Horseman, My Little Pony, and a bunch of other things you can stream — all without awkwardly talking to a guy you’re not really into.

11. Consider getting your nails done instead.

Also a good alternative to calling up a guy who’s not into you.

12. He’s a big guy and should be able to handle rejection.

And if he can’t, well, consider your refusal to pick up that phone an act of dodging a bullet. It’s better to find out he’s crazy sooner rather than later. 

13. Because really, your attitude should match the quality of the date. 

So, meh. 

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