How Capricorn Season Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Capricorn season
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We have to work for what we want.

On Friday, December 22nd, as we celebrate the winter solstice, the sun will also move into the sign of Capricorn, ushering in a new frame of mind for us over the coming weeks. One of the biggest factors contributing to this large sense of purpose is Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, recently moving into its home sign for the coming three years, beginning an entire new chapter for all of us.

To say that it’s been quite a year is an understatement. For the majority of us, our lives are radically different than they were last December, not just superficially but in the "I couldn’t have imagined this in my wildest dreams" type of way.

But it’s been a hard path here because in order to end up somewhere we never expected, we also had to make the choices to leave the familiar and commonplace behind.

During the past year, at one point and perhaps at many times along the way, we had to decide to break up with how we thought life was going to play out. This meant we had to admit that we didn’t really know all we thought we had about what we want and need, and also what we are working toward building.

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There’s nothing worse than realizing that what we were building actually had no firm foundation. But there have been a lot of moments like that over the past year where we were challenged to see things how they are instead of how we wished they were. All of our redos have been necessary; they were a part of us not just moving into a different phase of life but also growing toward who we were meant to be in this life.

Yet, now we are in a completely different place. We’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel and made the changes necessary to adjust our path so that it felt more authentic and passionate. This doesn’t mean the work is over, though, and in so many ways it’s just truly beginning.

Capricorn and Saturn like to build things. They like to make the impossible, possible. They build strong foundations and work from the ground up. They don’t like the word "no," and they don’t comprehend "I can’t." All they see is the top of the mountain, the goal, and they work steadily toward achieving whatever it is they are working on.

Caps are ambitious creatures and with Saturn moving into this sign, we’re about to have our own inner fire set on high in the coming weeks about what exactly it is that we want to build. Sometimes we have to pause and consider if we’re working hard for the sake of work, or working hard for the purpose of achieving a goal.

We’re being asked to consider what we want to build as we end this year and ready ourselves to begin 2018 not only on a fresh note but also with the foresight to know this time what we are building. The analogy of building is a perfect one as it is a process that takes time. It’s methodic yet also practical, and it’s also very much based upon natural steps, knowing that everything happens in a natural sequence of time.

So, what's really occurring right now is Capricorn asking us if we are ready to really work for what we want.

The answer last year might have been different, but in truth, we were too, so it’s no surprise that as each day passes and as we become closer to the end of the month, we’re learning new truths not just about who we are but also about the meaning of the choices and decisions that we have made.

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We’re absorbing so many lessons simultaneously so that we will enter 2018 with a fresh start and the knowledge to do it differently. While 2017 was the year that was all about beginnings and while we had assumed that meant a fresh and great start, we actually won’t get that until the coming year.

This means that it’s right around the corner, and while maybe we’ve become used to things not going our way or being let down, the reality we have prepared ourselves for is how it will feel when we actually have everything we’ve ever wanted.

It might not look how we anticipated it would, but that’s only because we were limited by our fears and doubts, and because if we let it, life often works out so much better than we could have imagined. This is going to translate over the coming weeks to a lot of beginnings and pay-offs on the hard work from the past year.

This could look like a new career direction or opportunity, a new romantic relationship, phase of an existing one like moving in together, or an engagement or commitment of some kind. Pregnancy announcements are also not out of the question, although don’t expect to see an influx of them until after February.

It’s a time when we literally are seeing the lives we always hoped we’d live manifested in front of us.

Sometimes it seems that this can be the scariest aspect of life and love because when we suddenly are living the life we had dreamed of, what are we suffering for? For so many, we become used to the idea of being unsatisfied, whether it’s in our jobs, our relationships, or our friendships. We become complacent when things are just okay, so in so many ways, that is we begin to expect.

But what if we were never wrong? What if all of those aspects of life can actually be as amazing as we’d always hoped? It’s those chains that we are going to have to free ourselves from in the coming weeks as we start to receive more positive news and changes to our lives.

It’s recognizing that we do have to work for what we want, and now that we have, all that’s left to do is enjoy it knowing it’s exactly what we deserve. 

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