Your Zodiac Sign's LOVE Tarot Card Reading For Week Of September 24 - 30, 2017

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tarot reading for the week of september 25, 2017
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Mindblowing orgasms anyone?

Love at first sight is a rare thing. Lust at first sight? Not so much.

But sometimes as we go from lust to love, the passion can get lost somewhere along the way, and even your horoscope can't be of much help. So if you are looking for ways to rekindle the flames of passion in your sex life (whether you are single or committed), then look no further.

The Tarot has spoken. And it has an answer for you based on your zodiac sign.

Check out the video below to learn more about tarot readings:

Does the answer promise you a string of lovers and a hundred orgasms? Probably not. But what it does promise is an adventure and lasting fulfillment, if you are brave enough to take it.

Want to know what it is? Get ready for your tarot reading for the week of September 25, 2017.

ARIES: Reversed 9 of Swords

Aries, you like to dominate. Like to be the boss in bed. The girl on top. But if you want to ramp up the passion in your sex life and revel in the sweet place between lust and love, you should hand over the reins to your partner.

Let him (or her) be the dom. Let them blindfold you, tie you up, and have you at their mercy. It will be nothing short of a nightmare as the bindings fall in place. As you feel the thumping of your wild heart against your chest. As the fear of not being in control takes over you and makes you realize that you have never been more vulnerable.

Let it soak through you. Let it take you to places you have never been before. Let your partner dominate. Gift them the ultimate gift only an alpha woman can give: The gift of willing submission. The novelty of it will spark a blaze in your sex life.

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TAURUS: 7 of Swords

Has your sex life become boring and monotonous, Taurus? Have you lost passion for your partner and don’t feel like doing the deed anymore? Fortunately, the answer to your problem is quite simple: Let loose! Surprise your partner and whisk them off to a spontaneous vacation without any plans. Anything but the same old.

In fact, why restrict yourself to plain old vaginal sex? Try giving him a blowjob or try anal if you have never tried them before. And if both of you are open to it, adding a third person can do wonderful things to your libido. Just make sure to make it a surprise. Where’s the fun in it otherwise?

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GEMINI: 4 of Pentacles

Want to know the way to ramp up your passion and send it screaming through the stratosphere? Allow someone else to please you, Gemini. Let your partner do all the work. Lay back and enjoy for once. Let the voyeur in you indulge your guilty pleasure as you watch them go down on you.

In fact, have you ever considered paying someone for sex? No? Maybe you should try it. The risqué element will be enough to send heat crashing through your veins. After all, you are a Gemini. You live for experiences. And this one will be an experience unlike any other.

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CANCER: Prince of Swords

Ah, my dear Cancer. We all know you like to be comfortable in life with a large roof over your head. But the way to spicing up your sex life lies in the outdoors. Sounds dangerous? Exactly.

Go skydiving with your partner. Throw yourself off a ledge with a bungee rope tied to the two of you. Go dirt bike racing. What you choose to do does not matter as long as it sends adrenaline crashing through your veins and is done with your partner in tow.

And if you aren’t too keen on risking your life, maybe try having sex in a car or under the stars on the forest floor. The risk of getting caught is an adventure all in itself. Go for it!

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LEO: Reversed High Priestess

Two words: Tantric sex. Have you ever tried it? If not, now’s your chance.

Let yourself touch your partner’s body one torturous inch at a time. Relish the burn of slow exploration. Taste the restraint and the barely veiled passion as you let the foreplay unfold into a climax ever so slowly. Let the heat surge through you until it explodes out in an orgasm so powerful that you feel your souls have merged together.

Divine isn’t always out of reach, Leo. Sometimes you just need to look under the flesh to find it hiding in plain sight.

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VIRGO: Ace of Wands

You don’t like taking the lead, Virgo. But if you want to expand the reaches of your sex life and feel every inch of passion possible, allow yourself to take the reins.

Initiate a one-night stand if you are single. And if not, surprise your partner by setting up the mood before he (or she) comes home so they can find you in all your feminine glory stretched out across a rose petal-strewn bed. Let your creative side shine through. Stir up some hot flames.

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LIBRA: Ace of Pentacles

Nothing else evokes your passionate side the way luxury does. So, Libra, take your partner and go on a spa vacation. Treat yourself to lush green surroundings, the calming scent of massage oil, and the vibrant taste of fine wine.

Walk on moonlit sands and feel the waves as they crash against the shore. And as you are drawn deeper and deeper into the arms of luxury, you will feel a burn pooling deep within you. A burn that you will realize only your partner can ease.

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SCORPIO: 8 of Pentacles

You are a sexual creature. You enjoy every aspect of it. So what advice can I give the one who is open to trying it all? Perhaps that’s the message of the 8 of pentacles. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

So take your partner and go away for a little. A vacation inside the boudoir. And then unleash the creature of the deep that lies within you. Explore your lover’s every curve and edge. Know the scent that clings to their very skin. Revel in drawing out their deepest passions (and yours). And master this person who is with you.

You are a Scorpio. I don’t need to give you any ideas. Make it the best night (or nights) or your lover’s entire existence.

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SAGITTARIUS: Reversed Hierophant

Have you been stuck on the missionary mill for some time now? Bored of the same old, same old? Maybe it’s time to pull back your philosophical side and unleash the animal in you. After all, Sagittarius, you are half woman and half horse.

The answer to spicing up your sex life lies in throwing caution to the wind and going all out unconventional. Have I said enough? I think I have.

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CAPRICORN: Prince of Pentacles

Paying a gigolo (or a prostitute) for a few hours of service is not your thing. You are too refined for that. But maybe that’s exactly what you need to spice things up a bit.

And if you are in a committed relationship, perhaps it’s time to pull out those costumes from the Halloween chest and play at being the master and the hooker. Are you up for it, Capricorn?

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AQUARIUS: 6 of Swords

Good news for you, Aquarius. To spice up your sex life you need to do exactly what you love doing the best: skipping the actual deed and indulging in some intellectual foreplay.

So pull out those post-its and leave sexy messages for your lover where he (or she) won’t even be expecting to find them (like beneath the lid of their laptop, or the pocket of their favorite jeans). Or fire out an email that would put the best erotic writers to shame.

Divulge your deepest fantasies. Show them the depths of your imagination and desire through your words. Whisper it into their ears while you are on the phone. Distance can be torturous when the mind is aroused. Take advantage of it.

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Before you get all scared, Death is nothing to be afraid of. It’s the master of us all. The inevitable. And that’s what it is asking you to do if you want to bring passion back to your sex life.

Stop being so dreamy and submissive, Pisces. Don the leather, wear those spiked heels, and bring out your inner dominatrix. You may be thinking you don’t have one. Are you sure? 

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