Everything You Need To Know About The August Astrological Signs, Leo & Virgo

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The good, the bad, the ugly.

August is the time of the year when Leo season ends and Virgo season rolls in. It has always seemed like such a drastic change to me – from one sign to the next – because Leo and Virgo seem like complete opposites.

Leo has always been marketed as the outgoing sign who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and always gets what she wants, while Virgo is a much tamer sign who is more level-headed and spends time making sure others get what they want.

Totally opposite, right? Not to mention, mixing an earth sign with a fire sign seems like a lot of trouble in itself – a lot of scorching going on and not a lot of growth.

But, I know when to admit I’m wrong, and about Leo and Virgo’s compatibility: I’m wrong.

Fire astrology signs, like Leo, are very passionate, dynamic, and temperamental – much like fire, actually. Or a lion, if that’s the image you want to think of.

However, as majestic and royal as this lion can be, the unpredictable fire sign must always be nurtured and managed carefully — otherwise sh*t will hit the fan.

And if you’ve ever seen a person with Leo as her zodiac sign that doesn’t get her way, then you know exactly what I mean when I say things can get ugly fast.

Virgo, an earth sign, is MUCH more grounded, loyal, and practical. She is one with the strong roots that keeps everything together.

However, like the roots of a tree, it can sometimes be hard to tell if Virgo is shallow or deep — two characteristics she can waver between.

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But no matter how you see these signs, their compatibility can’t be ignored. Whether Leo and Virgo are friends or something more, their relationship can be quite inspirational.

Having one person who isn’t afraid to be spontaneous and another person to keep things in perspective together can be really unique.

That said, ground rules and boundaries should be set early in the friendship or relationship so that both signs can get comfortable with each other.

It’s not uncommon for Leo and Virgo to want to do their own thing and totally forget to think about the other. But even with this shared quirk, Leo and Virgo really are quite the dynamic duo.

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Look at it this way: Jennifer Lopez is a Leo and Beyoncé is a Virgo. Can you imagine how mind-blowing a concert with the two of them would be? (OMG!)

And not just doing their own thing on the same stage; I mean a collaboration where you get the best of both artists. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

That’s pretty much what a Leo-Virgo compatibility looks like.

And if all of what I just said is making you curious to learn more about Leo and Virgo, keep reading for EVERYTHING you need to know about the August signs.

Virgo is a control freak, so it’s better to let her make her own decisions instead of trying to help her.
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Virgo NEEDS to be in control of everything around her, or else she completely freaks out. Why is she so controlling, you might ask? Well, control is the glue that holds her life together and without it, she would be totally lost.

To some, this might translate into her acting very strict and not very fun to be around, but this is just how Virgo’s mind works. Once she gets the details of anything straightened out (and a backup plan just in case), she can have just as much fun as everyone else.

And if you think you’re helping when you tell her you’ve got it under control, you’re not; Virgo has a “thing” about being the one to handle her own stuff, even if she knows you’re trying to be helpful.

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Leo is super competitive, even when there’s no reason to actually BE that way.
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Leo LOOOOVES when things are all about her and isn’t above competing with someone for the spotlight. This trait is good in some situations, like when she’s after a job, but can be detrimental in others, like when she feels the need to compete with her boyfriend’s ex.

The other downside to Leo’s fiercely competitive personality is that she doesn’t always know when the situation absolutely doesn’t call for competition. All she sees is an opportunity to prove that she’s still got it.

You can try to tell her that she doesn't need to be ready to compete all the time, but chances are, she's not going to listen to you.

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Virgo has a fine-tuned bullsh*t radar, which means if you lie to her, you’re not about to be forgiven ANYTIME soon.
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Virgo will go out of her way to make sure her friends are happy and well taken care of, but if you try to pull one over on her, she’ll call you out FAST. This is because Virgo hates having her kindness being taken advantage of.

When she puts her heart out on the line — in relationships and for friends — she expects to not only be taken seriously, but to also have her efforts returned. The minute you start acting like a phony around her, she’ll erase you from her life for good.

Don’t even expect that she’ll try to talk it out with you either; when a Virgo knows she’s being messed with, she doesn’t care about extending you the courtesy of explaining why you’re no longer important to her.

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Leo has a really playful, child-like personality.
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Leo loves paying close attention to the little things in life and will often spoil herself just because. She is often the first one to suggest a spur of the moment road trip on the weekend or coerce her BFF into checking out the newest designer shoe store across town.

Leo’s reason for this is that she knows how important it is to love and treat yourself, and how refreshing fun can be. If you’re ever feeling down on yourself, your first call should be to Leo — she’ll know just what you need to feel better.

You can also expect Leo to be the type of friend to call you in the middle of the night asking you to come with her on an ice cream run. Why? Because her kind of fun NEVER sleeps.

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Virgo is an ambivert, which means her personality is forever changing.
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Virgo is a combination of introvert and extrovert — also known as ambivert (like ambidextrous, but with personalities instead of hands).

She can change her personality depending on the situation she’s in. When she’s around her closest friends, she can be the loudest one in the room — but take her to a gathering where she knows no one and she’ll be a wallflower all night.

This might seem weird to some people, but this switching between introvert and extrovert is Virgo’s way of recharging her social batteries. She’s the type of person to know when she’s had enough social interaction for the day or when she needs more.

This ambivert personality dones’t work for everyone, but for Virgo it’s just part of her being. You might not always understand it, but when you’re friends with a Virgo, you learn to adapt to her.

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Leo is a deliberate creature (and won’t do something without reward).
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Leo hates wasting her time on people and things if she isn’t going to get anything out of it. That means accepting a dead-end job, sticking up for someone who won’t do the same, and even going to a party if she knows it’s going to be lame (don’t ask her how she knows, she just does).

She does everything with consideration and isn’t a very spontaneous person, unless it comes to having fun. She likes being taken seriously and she knows the only way for that to happen is if she proves she can be reliable and thoughtful.

The only time you'll ever see Leo being less than serious is when she's looking for fun; she might go a little crazy, but she understands when there's a need for professionalism and when she can relax.

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Virgo will ALWAYS go the extra mile for her friends, no matter what.
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No one values their friends more than Virgo and that shows whenever she’s with them. You could probably ask her to spare a kidney and she’d give it to you without hesitation.

Her reasoning for wanting to go the extra mile for her friends is because she sincerely believes that always being there for them shows how much she loves them (and she’s right). A Virgo’s friends know that they can always count on her to be there when they need her most.

She also has an ability to know when a friend needs her around, even if they don’t say it. Having a bad day? Just need a shoulder to cry on? Virgo already knows and is on her way over with some tissues and ice cream.

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Leo is incredibly creative and imaginative - in AND out of the bedroom.
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Leo is the type of person who always has an idea. Whether she wants to try a new move in the bedroom or wants to try a different approach to a project at work, those gears in her brain are always cranking.

She’s a great person to have on your team and as a friend because she can teach you how to look at the world differently.

She also loves DIY projects and will often gift her homemade creations at Christmas and on birthdays. Not only does Leo's creativity make her seem highly intelligent, but it also proves that she can be open-minded and progressive in other areas of her life.

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Virgo is often underestimated... but she kind of likes it that way.
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Virgo is often seen by outsiders and strangers as someone who would rather stick to the rule book and spend time with herself, but this is simply not true. In fact, Virgo is frequently underestimated until she needs to prove someone wrong.

But even with people pigeon-holing her based on her perceived personality, Virgo doesn’t mind because she knows that she always has an ace up her sleeve.

She might seem sweet and unassuming on the outside, but underestimate her at your own risk.

For some, having people constantly assume you’re someone you’re not can be insulting or annoying, but Virgo doesn’t think so. In fact, she likes being underestimated because it makes her feel like she can always make a bang when she has to.

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Leo is impossible to ignore.
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Chalk it up to her ability to turn heads when she walks into a room or her love of the limelight, but Leo is downright impossible to ignore. She knows this, too, which is why she always tries to use her command of the floor for good (well, most times).

Her confidence and ease with strangers also makes her very approachable, so there’s never any reason to see her as aggressive. It’s almost like she’s hypnotizing and intoxicating… which, of course, is impossible to overlook.

She also knows that her ability to catch the attention of pretty much everyone can be very advantageous at work, which is perfect when she's feeling competitive.

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