How To Keep An Aquarius Madly In Love, According To Astrology

What it takes to love an Aquarius.

How An Aquarius Zodiac Sign Stays Madly In Love With You, Per Astrology unsplash

Being in love with an Aquarius is an exciting thing.

Maybe I'm biased because I am an Aquarius, but I think we have a lot going for us.

Of course, we can't gloss over the fact that Aquarius can be hard to love, but it's also not impossible.

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It's important for an Aquarius to feel like the person she is with is really the best one out there for her. This is why it can take a long time for this zodiac sign to open up and really let her guard down.

She knows that once she reveals parts of herself that no one else has seen before (save for her BFFs), that she's in a very vulnerable state. This can be why Aquarius likes to remain cold and detached from emotion.

She might think that being honest about how she feels about someone might come back to bite her in the butt. Trust me, I know. Aquarius can be a hard zodiac sign to handle. But when you have one in your life, it can also be very rewarding.


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One of the main reasons it's so hard for Aquarius to really open up and let herself be vulnerable is because she's scared. Being emotionally available and letting new people in is scary territory.

And if she's going to let you in, then she needs to know that you're not going to abandon her. Unlike some zodiac signs, getting her heart broken or being betrayed is something that takes Aquarius a long time to recover from.


While some people may only see her as someone who likes to keep things casual, there are still a lot of times in her life when she wishes she could just open her heart to love as easily as some other zodiac signs.

Getting Aquarius to fall in love with you is one thing – you can say certain thing and be a certain person to get her to really fall for you. But keeping an Aquarius in love with you is different. If you want to keep her around, there are some things you have to do for her to stay madly in love.




If she starts feeling bored or neglected, she's going to want to leave. On the other hand, if she feels too claustrophobic or like you're being too needy, she's not going to want to stay for much longer, either.

It can be like walking a fine line to make Aquarius happy, but it isn't impossible if you're willing to put in the work. She likes knowing that you're determined to make it work, and when she knows that you're putting in the effort, she'll be receptive to that effort.

When Aquarius finds that one special person, she can be down for a very long-term relationship – she just has to know you want it as much as she does. Ready to sweep her off her feet?


Here is how to keep an Aquarius madly in love with you, based on astrology.

1. Question what it means to be in love.

Aquarius is a zodiac sign that makes her own rules in a relationship – you can't expect a bouquet of roses as an apology or a candlelit dinner on your anniversary to win her over. She's the kind of zodiac sign to want to snuggle up and watch horror movies on Valentine's Day or go to an ax-throwing range on date night.


Question the conventional type of love and learn to make your own rules together as you go. Your relationship will definitely last longer if you throw away the rule book and ignore any expectations people might have for your relationship. Aquarius hates being told what to do in any situation – including being told by society that there's only one way you're supposed to love.

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2. Show parts of yourself that you might not show to other people.



Aquarius wants to know that she is special to you – maybe even more special than other people in your life – which means you need to be honest about parts of yourself that might be considered weird or embarrassing.

Don't worry, though. If any zodiac sign can embrace the parts of you that others might not, it's Aquarius. It's important to her to know the good AND the bad things about you because she wants to know that you have the ability to show even the worst parts of yourself when it matters most – rather than always acting like you're perfect.

Aquarius appreciates people with rough edges and a past, as long as these things contribute to the person you are, not hinder you from being your best self.

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3. Give her space to be her own person.

Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder with this zodiac sign. Aquarius is always looking for way to grow as a person and in her relationship, but she needs to know that she can grow in her own way and on her own time.

It's important that she doesn't feel trapped or suffocated in her relationship – that she always feels like there's room to grow. She needs alone time, her own social life, and things that matter to her outside of the relationship, and she needs to know that you have the same needs. Encourage her to be her own person, respect her boundaries, and be as independent as she is, and she'll stay madly in love with you.


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4. Be honest about what you need and want.

Aquarius can't guess what you want, and she will not read your mind, either. You need to be honest with her about what makes you happy or upset, what you need or want, and when you're upset. She's not the kind of zodiac sign to constantly ask if you're okay – if you can't open up to her, even if it means risking an argument for the sake of getting on the same page, she isn't the one for you.


Love is a learning curve for Aquarius, and she needs to know that you believe that, too. Stand by your values and beliefs, tell her what you need when you need it, and let honesty take priority in your relationship.

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5. Share the good and the bad.



Aquarius wants to be your partner in crime and BFF. She wants to share in your breakthroughs, your passions, and the things that make you happy, just as much as she wants to share in your fears and disappointments.

Every day should be a "show and tell" kind of day where you break down what made you frustrated, what excited you, and what made you nervous or anxious. The more transparency your relationship has, the better for both of you.

Aquarius will fall even deeper in love with you simply because you thought of her as the first person to share whatever was on your mind at the moment, no matter how silly or unimportant you think it is. And sure, secrets and a little mystery are okay too, because she wants you to be your own person and have your own life.

But Aquarius wants to be your best friend, not just your lover, which means you should see her as someone you can really open up to about anything and everything.


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6. Keep things exciting and surprising.

Aquarius is an unconventional kind of lover and she needs things to be different and thrilling to keep her attention. Little surprises like a home cooked meal when she comes home from work to big things like experimenting with new toys or positions in bed will keep her interested and totally in love.


Keep an open mind about the world and opt for creativity in work, play, and your relationship. Even revealing new things about yourself can pique her interest and make her love you even more.

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