75 Tiny-But-Nice Things To Do That Will Give You AMAZING Life Karma

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Tiny But Nice Things You Can Do To Show Someone Kindness

Make the world a little sweeter.

Sometimes it can be the simplest things that show our kindness and who we're capable of being. And that doesn't always include what you say, but what you do. Even a smile can pick up someone else's mood. And isn't that the point of being kind: to improve the happiness of others?

Here are 74 small things you can do to brighten someone's day, whether it's holding the door or showing forgiveness. They might be small gestures, but they get the message across just fine.

1. Pay for someone's coffee behind you in line.

2. Pick up something someone dropped by you.

3. Hold the door for someone.


4. Lend some kindness by helping someone who looks like they're struggling.

5. Offer to do yard work for an elderly person.

6. Visit a nursing home and talk to someone who's lonely.

7. Give extra coupons away.

8. Donate your clothes you no longer wear.

9. Say "thank you" more.


10. Smile at everyone you see.

11. Listen to someone's story.

12. Donate food to a homeless shelter.

13. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

14. Send letters to those in our military.

15. Donate your freebies.

16. Rake leaves in the fall for someone.

17. Carry someone's groceries.


18. Bake cookies for your local police or fire station.

19. Compliment a stranger.

20. Donate books you'll no longer read.

21. Make cards for cancer patients.

22. Take your neighbor's trash to the curb for them.

23. Read to children.

24. Let the person behind you in line go first.

25. Offer to take someone's shift if you're available.

26. Pass your morning paper to someone else that would enjoy reading it.

27. Donate used luggage to foster kids.

28. Fold your roommate's laundry for them.


29. Make an extra lunch for a homeless person.

30. Ask someone how their day is going and genuinely listen to their response.

31. Help someone struggling to reach something on the top shelf.

32. Fix your neighbor a meal.

33. Donate blankets to a shelter.

34. Scrape the ice off the other cars in your driveway.

35. Leave a nice note on someone's car.


36. Tip someone at a place you normally wouldn't tip.

37. Offer a ride to someone who doesn't have a car.

38. Bring coffee and donuts to work.

39. Compliment a parent on their children.

40. If you see a parking meter about to expire, put a quarter in it.

41. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors.

42. Don't interrupt someone while they're speaking.

43. Buy lemonade from a little kid's lemonade stand.


44. Email someone who you haven't talked to in a while who made a difference in your life.

45. Let someone in your lane.

46. Forgive someone.

47. Buy your friend who's going through a break up some flowers.

48. Give someone a hug.

49. Donate your old glasses.

50. Cheer someone on.

51. Text someone who you know is going through a hard time.

52. Let someone else have the closer parking spot.

53. Make all your friends feel included.


54. Pay the toll for the person behind you.

55. Share articles your friends write.

56. Give someone a tissue who's crying.

57. Play board games with a senior citizen.

58. Hold the elevator.

59. Tell someone all the things you love about them.

60. Say hi to a janitor.

61. Talk to someone who often gets ignored.

62. Offer someone your seat.


63. Switch someone's laundry over for them at the laundry mat.

64. Text someone good morning or good night.

65. Walk someone's dog for them.

66. Offer to drive.

67. Donate the extra dollar to whatever the cause is.

68. Encouraging someone can be a great way to show your kindness.


69. Offer someone your last piece of gum.

70. Wash someone's windshield.

71. Offer gas money without being asked.

72. Actually put your grocery cart away in the lot.

73. Pick up garbage you see on the side of the sidewalk.

74. Bring in new office supplies.


This article was originally published at Thought Catalog. Reprinted with permission from the author.