Celebrate The End Of The Week With Your Horoscope (And Theme Song!)

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Free daily horoscope for Friday, January 8.

You survived the first full week of 2016 — congrats! This calls for a celebration. Head into the weekend with your free daily horoscope and theme song for Friday, January 8.

Capricorn: You’re in for a happy, shiny weekend. It’s the peak of your birthday month, so desserts and cocktails are aplenty. You’re feeling more rambunctious than usual, too, which calls for donning your favorite outfit and a big smile and hitting the town this weekend. You'll have plenty of opportunities over the next couple days for business and pleasure.

Capricorn's weekend theme song: Shiny Happy People —REM

Aquarius: Fri-YAY! Not only are you looking at a love filled weekend, but today brings some good news: like someone you're super stoked about meeting. You're legit excited and you have some fun plans for the two of you. You're not official yet, but you're already thinking about it!

Aquarius' weekend theme song: I'm Not The Only One —Sam Smith

Pisces: You’re feeling the wealth this weekend, and not just in cash. All of your hard work is starting to pay off. A new job opportunity might be right around the corner, or maybe that promotion you've been dreaming of. Don't devote the whole weekend to work, though. You want a Sunday kind of love and it delivers this weekend. Relish it.

Pisces' weekend theme song: You're Beautiful —James Blunt

Aries: Everyone else seems to be enjoying this Friday, but it’s starting off a bit stressful for you. People are all up in your grill. It’s annoying you — for good reason! Don't let them get to you, because you've got a great weekend ahead. Love is in the air and you'll be unwinding before you know it — hopefully in the arms of that handsome right swipe.

Aries' weekend theme song: Big Girls Don't Cry —Fergie

Taurus: The boss wants to see you — but it's good news! You're starting the year off right with some awesome career news. Brag a little, you deserve it. To top it off, your weekend is a romantic one. Let’s be real: When you're feeling this good about yourself, how can it not be? This weekend, be sure you give bae as much attention as you do the mirror ;)

Taurus' weekend theme song: Confident —Justin Bieber

Gemini: Your head is the clouds today and you’re feeling extra romantic. Smooch your way through Saturday and if you have a little squabble on Sunday, make your way to a private room where you can, ya know, kiss and make up. Whatever happens, you're both feeling adored.

Gemini's weekend theme song: My Baby Just Cares For Me —Nina Simone

Cancer: You’re feeling extra social this weekend and you’re ready to get your flirt on. Once you reel in the right one, you can saunter back into your shell just a tiny bit… You gotta have a little mystery to you, you know how it goes. Lucky for you, the one you have your eye on is already hooked.

Cancer's weekend theme song: Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours —Stevie Wonder

Leo: Do you smell that? That’s what we like to call the sweet smell of success — and you're getting pretty used to it. Another successful week calls for a weekend of relaxation with bae. Make sure you get out on a proper date. You need a little wining and dining to celebrate your fabulousness!

Leo's weekend theme song: This Is How We Do —Katy Perry

Virgo: We hope you got those resolutions down to the smallest detail, because the universe is really listening right now. At this point, you’re sure to get exactly what you want. Put all your wishes out there and you shall receive. While you’re at it, get yourself out there in that slamming outfit and put those attractive powers to use! This is your year.

Virgo's weekend theme song: Budapest —George Ezra

Libra: You have nothing to complain about today. It's Friday and things have been going pretty smoothly all around. Your thoughts wander to love this weekend, and some love might wander back to you. Just try not to get too pensive or tense — keep it light. You're not ready to swim in those deep waters just yet.

Libra's weekend theme song: From Here You Can Almost See The Sea —David Gray

Scorpio: Your confidence is soaring — yes, even more than usual! Some people might not be ready for it, but they’ll just have to deal because you're all kinds of fabulous this weekend. Stay positive and keep yourself occupied: sports, sex, social plans... You're on fire!

Scorpio's weekend theme song: KRS One —The MC

Sagittarius: This weekend, your focus is really on doing exactly what you want to do with yourself without any outside interference. Your ultimate goal is to make money doing what it is that you love. If anyone can make it happen, it’s you. Nothing like that start of the year to get going on your grand ideas.

Sagittarius' weekend theme song: I Can —Nas