Your Weekend Forecast + Song To Jam To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Your free daily horoscope for the weekend for November 20 - 22.

It's Friday, Friday... Sorry, had to get that out of our system. We promise that's not your sign's theme song this weekend, but if you wanna find out what is (and what you have to look forward to) read on for your free horoscope!

Scorpio: Freakin’ FINALLY it’s Friday. You’ve had a good week, and tonight is shaping up to be romantic af. Whether it’s a delish dinner with bae or a quiet night with Netflix, you’re gonna enjoy it.

Things slow down this weekend overall, but we bet you’re OK with that. Your birthday month is coming to an end so we know you’ve been busy, so it’s a good time to enjoy some R&R and start planning for the future. You’re definitely feeling creative, so brainstorm in between naps.

Scorpio's weekend theme song: Fade Into You —Mazzy Star

Sagittarius: Fast paced doesn’t bother you — which is awesome, because the weekend will move quickly! We know, we know: total bummer. BUT it’s a great time to hit the mall, maybe scout for some sales.

You are full of confidence, so plan a romantic date or just get out and meet new people in between all the errands you’ve got planned. Hint: Sunday’s looking good for you!

Sagittarius' weekend theme song: Pump It —Black Eyed Peas

Capricorn: It’s tough for you to wind down, but we have faith in you! Your energy is right this weekend and you’ve got some major luck in the air so definitely keep your eyes open for different choices coming your way. But don’t forget to slow down and relax a little. Down time is not a bad thing!

Capricorn's weekend theme song: Rambling Man —Laura Marling

Aquarius: Things are going your way, Aquarius. Today is all hearts and dollar signs — not a bad combo!

The incoming weekend is sweet and mellow. Get some rest and just enjoy life. It’s one of those weekends where you will get your way more than not. Hey, that’s nice since you spend a lot of your time looking out for other people. Aquarius gets what Aquarius wants!

Aquarius' weekend theme song: Are You Gonna Go My Way —Lenny Kravitz

Pisces: Hot DAMN, Pisces! You’ve got those sexual feelings this weekend. Step aside, passiveness: you’re bold and beautiful this weekend. Your friends love you, your date loves you, your bills are paid and you have money to spare.

A new opportunity is dangling in front of you, so don’t waste this good energy on Netflix all weekend. Get out there, you sexy vixen you.

Pisces' weekend theme song: Melt Me —Hanni El Khatib

Aries: Good news: It’s Friday. Today might be slightly stressful but seriously, are you going to let that ruin the fact that the weekend is here??

Don’t be surprised if there’s tension in the air with a close friend. Take Sunday to hit brunch and smooth it over with bottomless mimosas. Could be worse, right?

Aries' weekend theme song: Girl On Fire —Alicia Keys feat. Nicki Minaj

Taurus: Friday, woooot! Just watch your temper today. Remember to count to five before exploding on anyone. Is it really worth it?

The rest of the weekend is pretty mellow. Your focus is on those closest to you. They might annoy you sometimes, but you do love them to pieces. Let them know and get closer. Get cozy this Sunday and mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming week.

Taurus' weekend theme song: Foot Shooter —Frightened Rabbit

Gemini: People are all on your sh*t today, but tomorrow’s looking better. Could get super romantic, and if you have any leftover tension we have a feeling you’ll find a creative way to release it ;)

Sunday is the PERFECT day for you to do… well, whatever you’re in the mood for tbh. Cuz no matter what you choose, you’ll kick ass.

Gemini's weekend theme song: Eez-eh —Kasabian

Cancer: Eek, today might feel a little tense — but nothing you can’t handle. You’ve got that strong shell, remember?

It’s gonna be a good weekend, but try to be on your best behavior. We know you don’t care what people think, but don’t forget your every move can be tracked these days (thanks, Google). Keep it clean Cancer, keep it clean.

Cancer's weekend theme song: The Hills -The Weeknd

Leo: Today is the definition of Freaky Friday, but keep your head on and release nothing but calm energy.

The weekend is shaping up to be awesome. Relationships are going smoothly, and you’re feeling pretty pleased with yourself. Happy and confident… we’re thinking it’s a perfect time to meet new people.

So what are you waiting for? Hellooooo, get out there!

Leo's weekend theme song: Slow Down —Selena Gomez

Virgo: TGIF! You feel like taking it easy tonight, and good thing — tomorrow is a little tense. You’ve been putting tons of energy into your friendships and relationships, but it’s starting to feel a little draining. You need to find a balance and focus on some TLC this weekend. You can’t be there for anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself first. Spa day anyone?

Virgo's weekend theme song: Dreams —Beck

Libra: You’re in a bit of a funk today — the week really wore you out. No worries, by Saturday you’re feeling like yourself again. Hike? Long walk with the dogs? Bike ride? You have so much energy! Just be careful you aren’t jumping around too quickly because you’re kiiiiinda accident prone right now. Keep an eye out!

Libra's weekend theme song: Uptown Funk —Bruno Mars