What Women Really Think ... Of Your Sports Obsession

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Dealbreaker or entertaining? Ladies dish on dating sports-obsessed fellas.

This time of year has us inundated with sports. Before baseball season comes to an end, football is in full swing with people sitting themselves in front of the TV right after (or even during) Thanksgiving dinner to watch it. Then Christmas day is, for some, devoted to not just food and family, but the NBA, too. Next up is the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day and then, of course, the highlight of the calendar year for many, whether it's because of the commercials or the actual game, the Super Bowl. It's a busy season for sports lovers, and it just happens to coincide with some major holidays.

Not to make gender stereotypes, but men do seem more likely to be the crazy, fanatical sports types. As the holiday seasons draws to a close, we asked women their thoughts on the sports guys in their life, especially during the holidays. Is it something with which just to deal, but draw the line at throwing things at the TV? Or are sports games off limits during holiday family time — no matter how much their guy throws a tantrum over the decision?

It comes down to compatibility.

"I have never been involved with a sports fan, ever. My husband will watch the Super Bowl but mostly for the guy bussing food that comes with the party," says Caleigh, 29.

"If a guy is into sports, I'm not into them. I just consider it an incompatibility," says Amanda, 25.

"I've never dated a sports fan, and I don’t think I ever will. I just don’t think I’d have anything in common with someone whose life revolves around games. If it's a beautiful Sunday for a hike and he NEEDS to be in front of the TV for a Pats game, then forget it. He's missing out on life, so no thanks," says Joanna, 34.

Sometimes it's entertaining for us.

"It's nice because it consumes his day and lets me do what I want to do – which usually involves me laughing at him from the other room," says Catherine, 26.

"I find it entertaining as I feed bag them and watch them puff up like they know what 'they should have done.' Beer guts 'n pride," says Missy, 35.

But then there is just dealing with it, of course.

"Accept it and deal. Although, I will say I don't think they'd easily put up with something women are equally as in to," says Hannah, 27.

"It's not necessarily a good or bad thing. I guess I wouldn't mind if I'm in a relationship with him. I would simply see it as part of who he is and I should love and accept him for that, right?" says Monika, 26.

However, there are sports fan ladies, and they're awesome.

"I like sports and love to watch my guy get excited about whatever he's watching. I've been known to shout and swear at football and hockey games myself," says Jennifer, 34.

What do you think about you guy's sports obsession? Tell us in hte comments below.

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