Dog-Obsessed Couple? 7 Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List

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7 Destinations For Dog-Obsessed Couples

Unleash these must-see canine hot spots with your guy.

They say that dog is man's best friend — so why shouldn't your dog tag along as your wingman (or wingwoman) when it comes to date nights or romantic getaways with your partner?

Your furry little matchmaker is the perfect excuse to check out these doggone destinations (in some cases, no leash required).

Woofstock in Toronto, Canada
Woofstock is all about peace, love and dogs. This where 300,000 dog owners and their four-legged friends come together every June to join the biggest doggy festival in North America. There's a line-up of events including dog speed dating, trick contests, fashion shows and competitive courses. Don't miss the Running of the Pugs!


The Iditarod Great Sled Race In Alaska
The Iditarod is an annual long-distance race in the frozen tundra of Alaska that stretches over a span of a thousand miles from Anchorage to Nome. With gale-force winds and sub-zero temps, it may not sound like the steamiest date idea, but it's a good excuse to cuddle up next to your date (trust us, it's cold) and cheer your favorite team of huskies as they race across the finish line. Mush! Mush!


The World's Ugliest Dog Contest At The Sonoma-Marin Fair, California
Your BF always jokes that your mutt is ugly, but you just know your pooch is so ugly, she's "cute." If you both have a sense of humor, then settle the score by entering in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest. Every year, shaggy-haired canines vie for the title of the "World's Ugliest", a trophy and $1,000. With those winnings, who needs Westminster?


Dog Beach in San Diego, California
You'll want to hit the beach before the summer ends and what better way to do that then with your furry friends tagging along? The Dog Beach permits dogs to frolic off leash, splash around in the waves, explore the sand dunes and scavenge for beach treasures. It's a great place to squeeze in that "long walk on the beach" and even meet another couple to double-date with. Or, the two of you can always curl up in the sand and watch your dogs run free.


The Dog Cafe in Busan, South Korea
Your coffee date is about to get seriously upgraded. When Japan came out with cat cafes (yep, that's a thing), South Korea answered with their own canine-friendly take: The Dog Cafe. So if you're on the eastern side of the world with your SO, stop by this venue. An entry fee of $7 buys you a coffee, a pastry and a welcoming group of loveable pups who can't wait to play and snuggle in your lap. Just make sure you can resist their puppy eyes when you leave!


The BoardWaddle in Ocean City, NJ
Imagine hundreds of saggy-faced, floppy-eared, stumpy-legged basset hounds waddling down the street. How can you help but feel giggly with all that cuteness? That's what makes the annual BoardWaddle so irresistible. This event is sponsored by an organization that helps find homes for homeless bassett hounds all over the tri-state area. You'll be marching hand-in-hand with your guy for a good cause!


The Dog Cafe in Busan, South Korea
The Dog Museum, located in a historic 1800s house in the lush Queeny Park, houses an impressive collection of 700+ paintings and sculptures. There have been some contributions made by famous benefactors, including an original painted portrait ("Millie on the South Lawn") of the former First Dog, which was donated by First Lady Barbara Bush. Oh, and did we mention that they host weddings? (But no pressure!)