Love Bytes: Is Handing Over Control The Key To Happiness?

giving over control
Love, Heartbreak

Plus, a bicycle seat that will blow your socks off (figuratively).

In our "it's your world" society it's hard to give up control without looking like a total namby panby. But maybe relinquishing some authority is the only way to have a truly satisfying relationship. Word to the wise, it's probably a bad idea to give up birth control in a relationship unless you and your sex friend are ready for some 30 years of constantly needing to feed someone literally or metaphorically. (Good Men Project)

The English language (what we talk not all that boot, lorry & torch business they have across the pond) has some pretty good gender-specific adjectives. While I've certainly applied several of these to men, here are 15 things YOU probably only say about a woman. (TheGloss)

How important is "the chase"? And isn't it sort of just code for playing games? (ANewMode)

Someone's been looking in my dream journal again. There is now a vibrating bike seat for HER pleasure. (Huffington Post)

Need a little MORE relations (and SEX) 411? Get it on. (

I suppose if weak-willed public figures (ahem New York mayoral candidates notwithstanding) can be addicted to sex then you could be addicted to horrible men. 15 signs that may be the case. (The Stir)

You'll have to smell really, really bad, like Game Of Thrones bad, for us not to want to "do sex now" with you. And 5 other things you should know about men. (ANewMode)

While Andrew Sullivan may think that what Anthony Weiner flashes in his own time is his business, other people think that it is germane (Jackson) because of what it says about his judgment. (The Daily Beast)

More about Tony Ding-Dong… the top 29 Democrat sex scandals of the past, um, ever. (Ranker)

At some point in every adult's life she learns that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. This wife will have to learn that lesson tomorrow. (The Chive)

Want that iPhone to start working for YOU? In the boudoir? (Essence)

Sure, ignoring MOST problems make them go away but what if you just want to let a fella down gently? (TresSugar)

From the "go on, we're listening" files, how to use fantasy to crank your sex life up to 11 (possibly 12 but let's not gild the lily here). (Em & Lo)

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