Weird News: Couple Gets Creative (And Naked) While Robbing A Home

Weird News: Couple Gets Creative While Robbing A Home

How do you rob your neighbor when he's home? This couple has it all figured out.

A 54-year-old man from Crossville, Tenn., had quite an eventful Saturday afternoon, when his home was bugarlized by two neighbors ... while he was there. So why didn't he notice the $1,195 worth of jewelry, medication and handguns being stolen from his home, you ask? Well, he was busy watching his female neighbor swim naked in his pool. 

According to the report, the couple came over and the woman asked if she could go for a swim in her birthday suit. She jumped in and swam for 20 minutes while her husband went inside to "grab her cigarettes."

Talk about a power couple. 

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