Recognize the Signs of Lying

Recognize the Signs of Lying

If you think your date may be lying to you, she probably is. 
One of the most common mistakes men make is to ignore the warnings signs that
their date isn’t telling the truth. Failing to recognize some signs she is
lying may mean you end up regretting the time you wasted dating her in the
first place.

The fact is that we all tell small white lies, usually to prevent
another person from getting hurt.

Sheila an
expert on East Indian Dating
advises "
If your date is crossing the line into more complex lying habits
you really should pay attention.  You can always call her out but first
you have to recognize the simple signs that her story does not add up."

Your Date May Be Lying If:

Body language: Is she fidgeting a lot?  Does she cover her
mouth or raise her eyebrows when she answers a question?  Research shows
that there are actual physical actions a liar will perform.

• Change in voice: It is fairly common for someone who is lying to
exhibit voice changes.  It could be stumbling over their words or not
speaking very clearly.

• Defensive: If she is defensive and tries to deflect your
questions, that is a definite sign of lying.  She may even get down right
nasty to try and get you to back down.  It is a sign she is in a corner
and people in corners usually go into fight or flight mode.

• Change of subject: You have noticed your lady is contradicting
herself and you call her on it.  She immediately tries to change the
subject or tries to seduce you to get you to stop questioning her.

"It is always best to trust your gut.  If something
seems off do not ignore your feelings." suggests Ashok, an expert on Indian dating do's and don'ts.

You may want to spend some time alone to think through the
potential lies you suspect she has been telling you.  If she shows any of
the signs above then you had better end it now.

If she will not come clean it could mean she has a serious
personality problem.  Why waste your time?  There are plenty of women
who value honesty out there.

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