The New In Thing: Plastic Surgery For Brides

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Is the E! show Bridalplasty a bit too much?

Ever say to yourself, "Man, I love the hell cakes out of my [significant other], but I'd really prefer it if they looked like someone completely different, and I don't mind meeting this completely different person at the altar"? If you have, shame on you! Also, E! now has a TV show that will make you literally die of jealous happiness (figuratively speaking, of course). If you haven't had a thought similar to the one above but love weird slices of life, E! has a show that you are probably going to tolerate while Hoarders is on commercial break. 

According to Reuters, E! has a new show coming out called Bridalplasty, about extreme makeovers for betrothed women. Basically, a dozen fiancées live in a house, compete for rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, jug implants and the like, and are voted off on a weekly basis, with the last broad standing getting her dream wedding. The twist is they have to marry a man who was born with two left feet. I made that last part up. Instead, the winner's husband doesn't get to see her actual face until the moment he lifts her veil at the wedding ceremony… a little like the final scene in Coming To America, but probably not that funny. Would You Go Under The Knife For Him?

Do you remember Shanna Moakler? It's OK if you don't. She was in Playboy a time or three, and then she was in the reality show Meet The Barkers with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. She hostessed the show and is rumored to have banged Dennis Quaid, who starred in Innerspace, where he had the ability to manipulate the looks of the person whose body his shrunken submersible was implanted in. In summary, full circle. How Much Should You Change For A Wedding?

So do yourself a favor and Netflix Innerspace and, if you want to see a minor train wreck, watch Bridalplasty on E!.

Would you get plastic surgery before your wedding?