5 Things Pets Can Teach Us About Relationships

woman and cat

Pets might not be able to talk, but they can communicate a heck of a lot about human relationships.

You can learn a heck of a lot by owning a pet: financial responsibility, time management, and how to dole out attention are just a few of the bonuses that come with owning a furry (or scaly) little friend. In this article published by Psych Central, researchers discuss the emotional benefits of owning a pet, which can teach you about relating with other people more than we often care to credit them for. Sure, cats and dogs can't talk, but their unique way of communication can teach owners to be more intuitive, which can in turn help humans adapt to the needs of their partners. Here are 5 more things pets can teach you about relationships

1. Always say hello and goodbye. Ever stumble out of the house and off to work without saying goodbye to your partner? A dog wouldn't let you get away with disappearing for nine hours without a word, nor would he like it if you came home without petting him on the head. While it may seem trivial, simply acknowledging your partner and wishing him well goes a long way.

2. People require maintenance and attention. Many of us wish for a low-maintenance partner, but no matter how down-to-earth someone is when you first meet him, he typically ends up requiring more work and attention from you than you want to give. Would you skip cleaning your fish tank for a couple of weeks just because you're busy with taxes? 

3. Though of the same breed, but no two people are alike. In the same way that no two calico cats are alike, no two brooding artists or playful jocks are alike either. Some cats like to drape themselves over your keyboard, and some spend half the day hiding under the bed. Although it may be tempting to make assumptions about your new boyfriend based upon certain personality traits he shares with your exes or yourself, even, you should give every new partner the benefit of the doubt.

4. Always forgive. Ever yell at your dog for having an accident on your new carpet? We sure have, but we inevitably cuddle with them immediately afterward, unable to remain angry. 5 Steps To Getting Over The First-Fight Hurdle

5. Not everyone will agree with your choice of partner. Some people love cats, and others love dogs. Some people think tarantulas make for great pets, and others would rather see them go extinct. Similarly, not everyone (not even your closest friends!) will think that your partner's a stand-up guy but, at the end of the day, it's up to you to decide who to love. Listen to their reasons for not liking that nerdy new guy you've been seeing, but if you have a heart for nerds, then by all means, help yourself! Can A Cat Lover Date A Dog Guy?