Can A Cat Lover Date A Dog Guy?

Can a dog man get along with a cat woman?
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Psychologists, mothers and everyone in between have been making all sorts of crude assumptions for as long as we can remember about what makes for a dog or a cat person. Dog Training Techniques That Apply To Men

Cat people, the wisdom of yesteryear goes, are sleek, independent and elusive. Not too unlike their standoffish feline friends. On the flip side, dog people are sloppy and friendly... a cheerful golden retriever on two legs. And, lest we forget, there is the ever-present, tiresome "men are dogs and women are cats" theory. If we have to roll our eyes through one more well-meaning (but annoying) diatribe by a guy who claims that women remind him of cats, we'll have to draw the shades and spiral into a cat lady-type of isolation. Don't make that happen. Catfight: Kristin Cavallari Vs Audrina Patridge

As luck would have it, we ran across a study called the Gosling-Potter Internet Personality Project on CNN today that polled 4,500 participants and analyzed their personality traits in relation to their pets. The researchers looked at five traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

The results? More of what you've already heard, but they still may give you some inner intelligence into what secret quirks your latest dating prospect is hiding. 

If he's a dog person, it's likely he's off the charts in terms of conscientiousness, agreeableness and extraversion. Sunny outlook? Probably. Will he call back in a timely manner? Absolutely. Wants to go snowboarding on a whim? Sure! Dog people scored significantly lower than cat people on openness, however. Openness, by these psychologists' standards, is a willingness to be less traditional and more experimental and creative, which certainly could do a body good in bed. Sex Does A Body Good

Along with openness, cat people scored high on neuroticism. Neat freak? Mood swings? A weekly appointment with a therapist? All of these are likely, but you don't have to let them be deal breakers. Hey, at least your cat-loving partner will talk to you about all of the aforementioned quirks. Try that with your tight-lipped, Frisbee-chasing dog lover...

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