Simple Yet Overlooked Methods For Finding Dates

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Single and tired of it? Date aggressively!

Remember how easy it was to meet dating partners in college? You had Anthro 101 together, or belonged to the same club. You were neighbors or friends of friends. You were usually surrounded by thousands of people in your age group and with whom you shared a common lifestyle.

But everything's different now. Your office is a mixed bag of age groups, interests, and (ugh!) marital statuses. You rarely have time to socialize or meet new people. Your neighbors are mostly happy families with adorable kids.

One of the biggest challenges career women face when seeking out a partner in crime is clearly where and how to meet one.6 Secret Places To Meet Men

We all know the horror stories of meeting men in bars (hell, I've lived some of them!), but that doesn't mean you should write off the local watering hole altogether. The truth is, there's no right or wrong way to meet someone. A drunken fling can yield a long term, loving romance, just like a more traditional set-up, based on common values and interests, can go nowhere at all.

There are, however, some strategies that can help maximize your success.

1. Get Online

Still hesitant to try online dating? Don't be. No longer the hideout for the desperate and lonely, dregs of society, the Internet dating scene is filled with men and women of all backgrounds and interests. And thanks to the recession (and consequent lack of disposable income to spend at bars and restaurants), more and more men are moving their dating search online. 3 Tips For Online Dating Beginners

Plus, online dating allows you to evaluate your date before you even meet them. You'll be privy to their interests, job status, relationship history, and educational background. You'll also know what they're looking for in a date, and whether or not anything about you is an absolute deal-breaker. (For more on online dating, peruse our entire guide on it!)

So what are you waiting for? Log on!

2. Spend Time with Couples

When your friends, co-workers, and even your dorky little brother are happily (read: smugly) coupled up, it's easy to want to give up on life and retreat to your apartment. After all, what's better than a 30 Rock marathon, your comfy couch, and a bottle of wine?

Tempting as it may be, don't completely shut out your friends who are in relationships. Aside from the obvious reasons (come on, they're your friends!), the best way to meet new people is through other people. You never know, your friend's new boyfriend might just have the coolest best friend in the world. And he might just be single. And you might just find yourself on a double date that doesn't suck. 4 Ways Family And Friends Help Our Relationships

3. Pursue a Hobby or Interest

Always wanted to learn French cooking? Or take a photography class? Get out there and do it! The more people you meet, the broader your network, and the greater your chance for meeting your match. All the better if you can meet him doing something you love. The best part? Not only do you get to meet someone who shares a common interest, you get to learn something new in the process. And nothing is more attractive than a woman who has dynamic interests and the confidence to pursue them. Fun And Free: Volunteer Date

4. Volunteer

If helping others less fortunate than you isn't reason enough to start volunteering, maybe its dating potential will be. A feel-good activity like volunteering can bring out the best in people. They'll be chatty. You'll be chatty. And you'll have the good fortune of knowing any man you meet doing such a noble activity can't be a total loser. But choose your charity wisely! If you're in it at least partially for the dating potential, you'll probably have better luck meeting men by helping build a house for Habitat for Humanity than nursing kittens at the SPCA. Though kittens are pretty cute…