Love and Lily Allen

Love and Lily Allen

Love and Lily Allen

just been reading an article in gossip mag, Reveal, about Lily Allen
breaking down on stage - how she is feeling obsessed with the way she
looks, and that she thinks all men are bastards.

OK, so, Lily
is said to be confiding in Kate Moss who is rumoured to have told Lily
that it doesn't matter what other people think about her, as long as
she's happy she shouldn't care what people think. I mean 'hello' ....
do you really think that Lily would be breaking down on stage, and
feeling obsessed about the way she looks if she was 'Happy'? I think
NOT. Also, if Lily felt good about herself men wouldn't treat her like
crap and she wouldn't have the limiting belief that 'all men are
bastards'. The problem is that men, like anybody else, pick up on how
you feel about yourself. Beauty has nothing to do with men wanting to
marry you or have a long term relationship with you. It's not about how
pretty you are, or how great your legs are, or whether you amazing
boobs it's about your personal energy or power (read my 'personal power
in relationships' blog to find out more).

emotions, obsessions and compulsions are not the problem, they are
symptoms of deeper emotional issues that NEED to be resolved. If you
keep on carrying around your emotional baggage (which is often made up
of historical events, childhood trauma, believing what others have told
you about yourself etc etc) and are unable to leave it behind, where it
belongs, you will find it almost impossible be happy, confident, and
self assured about who you really are and, Lily, attract men that
aren't bastards. It's not about the men it's all about you.

you might be asking yourself, well how can i change how i feel about myself?

want you to think about your best friend, the one that is always there
for you, the one that supports you and maybe even challenges you at
times, the one that you can confide in, the one that you love and
respect. Who did you think of? Your best friend from school, the girl
or guy that you bonded with when you started your first job? Your .....
best..... friend..... is..... YOU. You are the one that can support
you, respect you, love you, admire you, and challenging you. The
relationship that you have with YOURSELF is the most important
relationship that you will ever have and when you realise that, and
keep working at it, the rest of your life will just fall in to place.
You will find that your wildest dreams come true. You will feel great
about yourself and that feeling is infectious - you will notice that
people just love being around you, and it will be because you love
being around you. You will no longer be attracted to, or attract,
'bastards' in to your life.

Learn to love the most important person in your life, YOU, and you will feel what truly loving yourself is all about.