Office Romances Can Be Tricky


From The Associated Press
By Joyce M. Rosenberg

Most small-business owners have to deal at some time or another with employees who date, perhaps fall in love and probably break up. It’s pretty hard to prohibit workers from becoming romantically involved, but owners can take steps to ensure that a relationship doesn’t get in the way of getting the job done.

YourTango’s Take
In night’s episode of ‘The Office’ in which Jan required Michael to sign away his right to sue the paper company if their relationship sours his work experience. After that show, this article seemed relevant. Where does a nice girl meet a nice fellow? Options: work, bar, friends, school, gymnasium or dating service. With sleeping hours removed, most of our time is spent working or commuting to and from work. Eliminating office romance really cuts down on prospects. Just be discreet, compartmentalize work and love life, don’t abuse office equipment too much and for God’s sake DO NOT work for a family business.

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