Your Zodiac Sign's Communication Style, According To Astrology

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Good communication is key to any good friendship, relationship, or just in general. People will relate the way you communicate to the type of person they think you are, and a lot of how your communication style is determined is based on astrology and your zodiac sign.

Bad communicators are usually the ones who can never hold a conversation long enough, or they just don’t like to have conversations even if that conversation would make things better. Good communicators, on the other hand, see a problem at hand and they will want to talk through it because they want to get rid of the problem and make sure everyone is happy. They actively listen, as well as get their message understood and across.

All 12 zodiac signs are known to communicate differently, and each zodiac sign's communication style can be honed to make each and every one of them effective communicators, even if that means finding creative ways to get your point across.

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Here's a rundown of each zodiac sign's communication style.

Aries communication style

An Aries cannot stand someone who is all talk and no action. This is why when you say that you are going to do something you actually do it. You like to speak freely and effectively and never want to be made to look a fool which is why you always do what you set out to do. When it comes to one-on-one communication, you grow easily impatient. You like to tell people like it is, even if that means you are hurting their feelings. You think more people should be like you and get to the point instead of beating around the bush.

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Taurus communication style

Initially, Taurus may seem like one of the hardest signs to crack. You come off as very quiet, yet you’re also praised for being so easygoing. The conversations you do partake in are usually short and sweet. This is because you are the type of person who likes to make sure everything you say is well thought out. You are an observer. You like to watch people’s tendencies and moods before you communicate with them. That way if there is ever conflict between you and someone else, you know just what to say because you have learned their truths.

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Gemini communication style

Geminis are great people to have conversations with — if the conversation can last long enough. Your attention span is relatively…short. But that is just because you get so excited you want to talk about multiple things at once. This leaves people very confused and they are usually trying to bring you back to the original topic at hand. You leave conversations halfway, which gives people the impression that you are not a good communicator. You are good, however, at consistently talking about yourself. So when you are giving a rehearsed speech about yourself, you don’t jump topics.

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Cancer communication style

Cancers are all ears. You are an avid listener. Sometimes we come across friends and people who don’t want us to talk or instruct, but rather just listen, and that is exactly what you are known to do. When communicating you give all your attention to the situation. The caring and compassionate soul you have when it comes to being there for others is what sets you apart as a zodiac sign and overall friend. You find great joy in the fact that others look to you for advice: which is why your friends believe that you are the best at giving advice. Your friends know that. They can always count on you when they need someone to talk to.

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Leo communication style

A Leo is often applauded for how great a communicator they are. When you speak, it is powerful and logical. People commend that you always seem to know what you are talking about and how quickly you take action in any given situation. Depending on your mood and what you are talking about, your tone can range from very serious to very dramatic in a matter of minutes. When it comes to communicating, Leos also have a clenching desire to feel validated. You like to know that people appreciate you and what you do. So, you know in order for you to keep communicating effectively, people need to tell you that you’re doing a good job.

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Virgo communication style

There is nothing a Virgo loves more than having a conversation with substance. You are very analytical and tend to ask thought-provoking questions. You hold great joy when you find out someone else has a critical eye like yourself. While at first glance you come off as reserved, once you get to know a person, you are known to have really good conversations. You do, however, have a tendency to address and help them through their problems but completely disregard your own. There are a select few who can get you to open up about your own issues.

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Libra communication style

Libras not only love to look good, but they also like to speak well. You have a very friendly nature when it comes to talking to people. You like to show that you are very understanding and eloquent. You like to feel like you have a perfect balance in everything you do in life which is why you can most likely be found in your room having practice conversations with yourself. The only problem with that is that conversations are unpredictable, and often time you will find yourself stumped on what to say next because you haven’t rehearsed. Remember, you can never train yourself on how to speak freely.

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Scorpio communication style

Conversations with a Scorpio can leave someone in awe. You have a passion for intense and thought-provoking conversations. And you don’t like to sugarcoat anything. If something is going on in the world that no one else wants to talk about, you most likely do. When it comes to conversations, you don’t like having them with everyone because not everyone has the same passion as you and wants to talk about the nitty gritty. You usually will have superficial conversations with these types of people and save the good conversations for your closer friends who will understand.

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Sagittarius communication style

More than anything, Sagittarians like to have sincere conversations. You are well-liked among people when it comes to having conversations with you. This is because you like to always do the right thing and are always thinking of others. Your conversations always leave people feeling bubbly and supported. Your personality even can get yourself overly excited. This can go too far at times because you can leave others and yourself with false promises and a false version of reality.

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Capricorn communication style

When it comes to speaking, a Capricorn will make sure their words are well thought out before saying them. You are an analyzer when it comes to the words you think and say. You never want to be made to look a fool, which is why you always have your facts ready and secured. You wish more people were like you because then that means fewer painfully stupid conversations you would have to endure. Your need to have all your facts straight before going into conversation tends to drive some of your friends and even lovers nuts; they rather you put the book down and speak from the heart.

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Aquarius communication style

Aquarians are highly favored for how great they are when it comes to communicating. You radiate such a warm and welcoming personality and people honestly enjoy talking to you. The best part about you? You know how to stay objective in any situation. Whether it be talking to your friends or stranger. You like to see situations from all sides before coming to a decision. In your personal and romantic relationships, your communication style differs a bit. You communicate by showing your authority; you like sticking to what you already know and trying to persuade others to see it that way as well.

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Pisces communication style

The way a Pisces is feeling is honestly unpredictable. One moment you may act like you are the most loving person. You are understanding, you will listen to people when they need someone to talk to and be the shoulder you need to cry on. But the next moment, you can become destructive and have a tendency to hurt feelings. You become one-sided and want everyone to listen to you without you really listening to them. Your communication style… canould be better. As long as you try to listen to all sides before standing ground.

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