Your Most Natural Talent, Based On Your Midheaven Sign's Element

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The Medium Coeli, known as the midheaven in astrology, is located at the very top of your natal chart, or the 12 o’clock point. This point also marks the cusp of the 10th house of career, community presence, public persona and reputation. It also shows fame, achievement and honors.

Your midheaven speaks to your career goals and achievements, what you aspire to accomplish and how you are viewed by others in this realm. It is important to look at any planets in this sector of the chart and the aspects or connections they make with other planets and houses in the chart. Your midheaven shows where you are headed in life, the responsibilities you will take on and the type of career you will be most drawn to.

It’s important to know which of the four elements your midheaven is in because this can also show us the type of career you will naturally lean toward.

Your most natural talent, based on your Midheaven element



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The midheaven in an earth sign

This placement can make for a great entrepreneur. The qualities of earth include tenacity, loyalty, patience, stability and passion, and they are totally connected to the material world.


A Taurus midheaven is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money and values. Professions could include any Venusian talent such as those connected with beauty, money and finance, art or fashion. Taurus midheavens will take their own time to get where they are going but once they do there will be no stopping them.


A Virgo midheaven is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, travel, knowledge and commerce. A typical career for a Virgo midheaven might be a teacher, educator, reporter, research scientist or writer. A Virgo is midheaven especially talented in gathering information and, since it rules the sixth house, being of service to others in some way.


A Capricorn midheaven represents someone who will work long and hard to achieve what they want so right off the bat. Their talent lies in taking charge and they are generally successful. Some professions might include medicine, land development, dentistry, farmer, financial advising or investing.

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The midheaven in a fire sign 

This placement often likes to start new trends or go in new and untried directions. These people are often entertaining, bold, outspoken, and assertive and generally possess a great deal of self-confidence.


With an Aries midheaven, your planetary ruler is Mars, the planet of action. You pride yourself on being a pioneer and jump into things quickly with both feet, sometimes acting before you think. You could be an entrepreneur, athlete, litigator or in the military. Anything you do will be done with passion and enthusiasm. 


The Leo midheaven's planetary ruler is the sun which is always shining and the center of the universe. Leo has natural warmth and often excels in the arts and entertainment field or anything that puts you in the public eye. You might be a lawmaker, or associated with lawmakers in some way, a CEO, TV anchor, or work in PR.


Your Sagittarius midheaven is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, finance, luck and gain. Life is an ongoing adventure for a Sagittarius midheaven and the worst thing you could do would be in a profession that is repetitive or lacks growth. Sagittarius likes to be able to expand over time and often has a problem with wanderlust. You could be in a career that involves travel, the law, education, a judge, medicine, or a comedian.

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The midheaven in a water sign

A water midheaven is often present when a person is a singer, artist or someone else in the public eye, because people are drawn to their warmth. Of course, most water midheavens are not famous, but nevertheless, people are drawn to their empathy and kindness and they typically are good at showing concern and dealing with other’s emotions. This person could work in sales, running a company in the food industry or anything else that involves connecting with others.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet that is associated with emotions and home. People with Cancer on the midheaven are especially talented when it comes to nurturing others or sharing their empathy in some way. This could be through counseling, teaching, motherhood or fatherhood, working somewhere within the medical industry such as nursing, family litigation, social work or writing.


Scorpio has two rulers, Mars and Pluto. Mars is the planet of action and is associated with athletes, policemen, the military and athletics to name a few. Pluto is associated with looking beneath the surface or transforming or regenerating something. Some suitable careers for the Scorpio midheaven using these talents could include detective, reporter, researcher, analyst, surgeon, investigator, therapist, psychiatrist, miner, plumber or any career that is focused on digging beneath the surface of things.


The Pisces midheaven also has two rulers, both Jupiter and Neptune. While Jupiter is the planet of expansion, Neptune is the planet of spirituality, art, music, drugs and confusion as well as the consciousness, both individually and collectively. These people are often drawn to esoteric careers such as an artist or singer, preacher, pastor, rabbi, spiritual leader, psychic, filmmaker, astrologer, actor or drug counselor.

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The midheaven in an air sign

An air midheaven typically results in being liked by others. You have a combination of charisma, intelligence and intellect that cannot be underestimated. You are typically a creative individual and your forte as well as your abundance in life will come as a result of communicating with others.


The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the planet of communication. Your natural talents are based on information gathering and disseminating. The Gemini midheaven is a social individual and does well when working with others. You may be drawn to careers such as journalism, research, broadcasting, singing, writing and publishing, communications, PR, social media or publicity. 


The planetary ruler for Libra is Venus, the planet of love, beauty, values and money. Libra is interested in beauty, balance as well as justice on an impartial basis. You may be artistic and happiest in a career that allows you to view all sides of things. Some possibilities for the Libra midheaven are an attorney or judge, activist, artist, clothing designer, makeup artist, model, wedding planner or couples therapist.


The Aquarius midheaven is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Uranus is an unpredictable planet and prone to be drawn toward futuristic visions and careers. You are a social individual but march to the beat of your own drummer. Some careers that may appeal are politician, engineer, software developer, robotics developer, IT person, non-profit organizer or worker, social worker, or the aerospace industry.

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