How To Find Your True Calling In Your Birth Chart, According To Career Astrology

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Our natal charts are filled with hidden treasures that can be unlocked with the analysis of certain signs and house placements.

When we want to uncover our career paths, analyzing the 10th house is essential since it can show what motivates us and how we can channel that energy to get where we want to be. Another piece to the puzzle is the sign of the Midheaven. It can reveal how we present ourselves to others at work or on the public level. Planets and aspects also help tell another story.

Using career astrology to find your true calling

The natal chart is filled with many possibilities and other placements show where we feel the spark and passion for our careers. Having one of these placements does not guarantee you will enter the fields noted above. However, analyzing the planets can bring you some clarity about the direction and what sparks some love.

The Midheaven or each planet aspecting it (and the ruler) creates the potential for a new story, but only you will write the outcome of your journey and have full control of your destiny.

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The Midheaven sign

The Midheaven says a lot about our career direction and inspiration. Looking at this placement, the aspects, planets, and the ruler of the tenth show a lot about career choices and what can make us feel more fulfilled.

The ruler of the Midheaven and its position can direct us to the house where this energy will also be reflected. For example, having the ruler of the Midheaven in the fourth can show us how we may work from home, be inspired to be part of our family business or we can be passionate about real estate.

Not all Midheaven placements are the same because each chart will be unique.

Planets in the 10th or conjunct the Midheaven

With planets here, it is easier to have a clear picture of the native’s goals. It also makes it easier for them to assume leadership positions, even if the Moon is here.

Sun in the 10th shows someone that will be able to be in the spotlight. They can make great actors, musicians or could even become influencers. They will be popular effortlessly. Mars shows someone that will be comfortable leading and will shine in any profession especially if Mars is exalted in Capricorn or at home in Aries and Scorpio. The natives are determined and ambitious to get to where they want. 

Moon here shows a compassionate and caring individual that will earn their coworkers' respect. They can be great chefs, teachers, and even therapists. Mercury can show someone who excels in the publishing field as an editor, while Venus shows a networker that will be popular with coworkers. Venus here may be drawn to fashion or art especially if Venus is in domicile.

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Planets in the 6th house

The sixth house rules our daily routines, including the specific tasks and duties we perform at work. Planets here show someone with the potential to be responsible and to establish solid routines for their day-to-day lives.

Sun, Mars, and Venus reflect a native that will shine brightly at work. They can be good leaders in small groups and are great collaborators. Sun and Mercury may be interested in the medical field, especially if these signs are in Virgo. Moon and Venus will be more inclined to pursue creative endeavors, particularly with the signs of Libra and Taurus. Mars will be respected because they are ambitious and determined to succeed. Mars could also spark interest in the medical field or law. 

Planets trine, sextile, square, or opposite the Midheaven or the ruler of Midheaven

Here is another way to see what careers the native could fall in love with. Moon, Mercury, and Venus aspects spark creativity. Mercury will bring out the writers and storytellers. Moon and Venus aspects will help the natives tap into their artistic side or pursue careers linked to art, fashion, film, or music.

Mars and Saturn are powerhouse aspects. Mars helps the native to take action and be stronger leaders while Saturn makes the bosses, especially after the native has experienced their first Saturn return. They know the importance of responsibility and applying structure. Saturn jobs are usually linked to finance and business while Mars's careers can range from soldiers to lawyers depending on the sign. Government and law-related positions intrigue the native with Mars here.

Sun aspecting the Midheaven allows the native to be confident in their self-expression. They will be the center of attention, even if they don't want to. Positions in politics, theater, or any industry that puts them in the spotlight.

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