What A Leo Midheaven Means In Your Birth Chart

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In astrology, your Midheaven sign, also called the MC (short for Medium Coeli), is your public persona. A Leo Midheaven in your birth chart means your professional and career goals and life path take on Leo traits.

While most people refer to a zodiac sign, which is technically your Sun sign, when describing personality traits, your Midheaven sign is actually one of the most important and personal aspects of a natal chart.

Your Midheaven sign, also called the MC (short for Medium Coeli) is how you relate to and are perceived by the public. 

Placed just on the cusp of the 10th house and based on your birth time and location, the sign your MC is in guides your professional and career goals and shapes the reputation you wish to precede you and the legacy you wish to leave behind.

Midheaven in Leo Traits

A Leo MC placement in your birth chart means that the way others see you is highly influenced by the Leo zodiac sign, which is associated with the 5th house, the house of pleasure. This means that those with the Leo Midheaven value creativity that brings about pleasure as well as satisfaction from emotional pleasure gained through interactions with others.

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1. Confident

Leo Midheavens have a natural confidence about them that makes them fearless leaders. It’s not that they think they can do no wrong, but rather they know that when things do go wrong, they have the mental wherewithal and creativity needed to overcome obstacles.

2. Charismatic

The Leo zodiac sign is ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system, so it should come as no surprise that people with the Midheaven in Leo usually find themselves as the center of attention. Their natural charm is hard to ignore and gets them far in both their personal and professional lives.

3. Creative 

The Leo MC usually correlates with a passion for art, music, and other forms of artistic expression. Leo MCs typically gravitate towards careers that let their creativity flow. 

4. Ambitious

Leo MCs have an intense drive to succeed in life. Many Leo Midheavens do go on to become famous in their prospective careers, for better or for worse (Katy Perry, Vladimir Putin, and Grace Kelly are just a few examples). Of course, not everyone with MC in Leo will achieve worldwide fame, but chances are they’ll see fame on a smaller scale at some point in their lives.

5. Optimistic

People with the Leo Midheaven are eternally optimistic. This is in large part due to their confidence because they know they’ll overcome any setbacks that may come their way.

6. Vain

To some, people with the Midheaven in Leo may come off as vain because they tend to be the center of attention, even without trying. That, in addition to their confidence, may cause others to see them as overly cocky and entitled.

7. Selfish

People with the Leo MC are very driven and appreciate when others notice their achievements. Those two traits together sometimes come off as selfishness when people with the Leo Midheaven use them to get ahead.

8. Dramatic

A Leo MC’s big personality can sometimes come across as extra. They command attention, even if it is sometimes unknowingly, which can cause others to see them as dramatic.

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Leo Midheaven Careers

People with the Midheaven in Leo are natural-born leaders who do well in positions of authority, as they’re comfortable with being the center of attention and prefer taking charge over taking a back seat. Leo MCs also require the ability to express their creativity in whatever career they desire to avoid feeling stifled. 

A few of the best careers for Leo Midheaven include: 

  • Teachers
  • Artists
  • Entertainers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Salespeople
  • Politicians

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