What A Taurus Midheaven Means In Your Birth Chart

It's one of the most important pieces of your natal chart.

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In astrology, your Midheaven sign, also called the MC (short for Medium Coeli), is your public persona. A Midheaven in Taurus in your birth chart means your professional and career goals and life path are governed by Taurus traits.

Midheaven in Taurus Traits

Your Midheaven sign is placed at the highest point of your birth chart just on the cusp of the 10th house. Based on your birth time and location, it’s one of the most personal aspects of your natal chart.


A Taurus midheaven means that the way others see you is highly influenced by the Taurus zodiac sign, which is associated with the 2nd house, the house of value and possessions. This means that those with a Taurus Midheaven put a high value on financial stability and the finer things in life.



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1. Reliable

People with a Midheaven in Taurus are extremely loyal. Once they find a job they love, they’ll stick with the company.

2. Determined

Those with a Taurus MC are highly determined to excel in their careers and lives in general. For them, success means a stable life free of financial struggle.

3. Hard-working

When a Taurus Midheaven puts their mind to something, you can bet on them to achieve it. They’re very dedicated to their work and will put in the extra hours to make sure everything is not just done but done correctly.

4. Confident

People with a Midheaven in Taurus trust in themselves and the vision they have for how they want their lives to play out, which translates as pure unadulterated confidence.


5. Artistic

Ruled by Venus, the Taurus zodiac sign is known for seeing and appreciating the beauty in all things. They’re highly artistic while still maintaining the ability to keep both feet on the ground which helps them find creative avenues to success.

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6. Attractive

There’s something about a Taurus MC’s grounded nature that makes them irresistibly attractive. Add that to the fact that they’re trustworthy and loyal and they really are the whole package.

7. Materialistic

Midheaven in Taurus people are hyperfocused on profit. They like being comfortable both physically and financially and aren’t shy about wanting the best of the best.


8. Stubborn

People with a Midheaven in Taurus tend to be set in their ways. They don’t always do well with authority, often nodding their heads while doing things their own way instead.

9. Lazy

Yes, people with a Taurus Midheaven can be hard-working and lazy at the same time. While laziness has a negative connotation, this is not always a bad trait. People with a Taurus MC are the ones you will find making passive income while they relax on the beach or working from home in their PJs instead of going into the office.

10. Perfectionistic

People with a Taurus MC in their birth chart struggle with perfectionism. They see all the details and won’t consider something done until everything is exactly how they believe it should be.

Taurus MC Careers

To be truly happy, people with a Midheaven in Taurus need to be in a career with a good salary that also has a stable trajectory.


Their love for the arts makes them great actors, artists, and musicians. Being associated with the 2nd house, they’re also good with money, which makes them great investors and bankers.

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