The Scientifically Proven Way To Predict Your Career Path Using Astrology

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According to a theory developed by Michael Gauquelin, any planet that is within 10 degrees of the midheaven or Ascendant in a natal chart has an influence upon the chosen career. This 20 degrees, 10 degrees in either direction, is called the Gauquelin plus zone or Gauquelin sector.

The planets Gauquelin uses are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon. Today, some astrologers include Venus. Not every chart has planets in these sectors or sections of the chart but if they exist they can be used in natal interpretation and forecasting, especially when it comes to career.

The Gauquelin plus zone has been scientifically proven.

Graduating with degrees in statistics and psychology from Sorbonne University, Guaquelin and his wife Francoise conducted significant research involving the Gauquelin sectors in the chart. Their research extended from 1949 to 1973 and involved questions of professional, hereditary and character trait studies. The study that garnered the most attention was a study of the position of the planets in the natal chart and profession, the most famous of these studies known as ‘The Mars effect.'

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One study comprised a group of 576 natal charts that revealed a correlation of Mars and Saturn with physicians with a chance in the millions to one. The second study involved 508 charts that revealed the same results for other professions correlating to Mars for athletes, Saturn for scientists, the Moon for writers and Jupiter with actors and politicians. These findings applied only to professionals in these fields and were not found in the charts of average people or other professionals.

Michael argued that he was not demonstrating evidence of astrology but some other celestial influence. The work was mainly ignored by those in academia until he began to seek professional peer reviews. French science writer Marcel Boll objected, stating that the study only used research data from France and claimed it resulted in a national fluke. A Professor of Cosmic Physics at the College of France replied that the correlation was a direct result of insufficient sample size.

Gauquelin answered both challenges and collected 25,000 birth records from Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. The results were significant and identical showing the key planets in the same sectors of the chart correlating in the same professions. A control group of non-specified professions showed no effect. These studies were published in 1960. 

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Gauquelin plus zone planet meanings

Intuitive Astrologer Sarah Moody explained the significance of planets in the Gauquelin plus zone. 

"If you have your Mars within your Gauquelin plus zone, this typically results in someone being a professional athlete," she said, "or someone who is really athletic." Saturn in the Gauquelin plus zone is related to science and "methodical" people. "If you have your Moon in the plus zone, these are typically writers/artists/creatives," Moody continued, adding that "Jupiter within the plus zone, that amounts to more of an actor, being in the public eye, a politician, celebrity, those kinds of people.”



Moody explained that in an effort to address the criticism Gauquelin received for his conclusions, David Fink, a psychology and counseling professor, narrowed the significant planets down to Jupiter and Saturn.

"He had over 900 college students do the EPI test, that is the introversion/extraversion test," Moody said, from which Fink hypothesized that "extroverts would have their Jupiter within their Gauquelin plus zone while introverts would have Saturn in their Gauquelin plus zone. Lo and behold, his hypothesis was confirmed by the results,” she concluded. This aligned with Gauquelin's theory, as typically actors and politicans are considered more extraverted while writers, scientists and researchers are typically thought of as introverted.

Moody claimed that in her work as an astrologer, she believes "a lot of these results ring true." I, too, have been a professional astrologer for over 20 years and a professional writer longer than that. My Moon in my natal chart lies within nine degrees of my midheaven, which lines up with the Gauquelin plus zone. 

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