6 Most Successful Midheaven Signs, According To Astrology

Are you one of them?

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Your Midheaven sign describes your career path, attitude towards achievement, and how you present yourself to the public.

The Midheaven sign, also known as the Medium Coeli or MC for short, is one of the most unique points in your birth chart. It's different from the other aspects on your natal chart in that it's not a planet but rather the highest point on your chart, determined by the southernmost high point above the horizon at your time and place of birth.


You can easily find your Midheaven sign using a free Astrology Calculator.

Your Midheaven sign takes on the traits of the zodiac sign it's in, revealing your natural gifts as well as your public persona.

For example, someone with the Aries MC is likely seen by others as being a great leader, as the Aries zodiac sign is known for its leadership skills.

Because of these inherent traits, some Midheaven signs are known for more easily finding success in their careers and lives as a whole.

According to astrology TikToker @cringeandcryptic, there are six midheaven signs most likely to be successful.



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Six most successful Midheaven signs

1. Leo Midheaven

If you have the Midheaven in Leo you probably have a larger-than-life public persona you display at work and in public settings. You are seen as self-confident, competitive, courageous, and determined. But you are also good-natured, kind-hearted, generous, fun, and creative.

Leo MCs find satisfaction and success in careers that put them in front of an audience. They do well in careers like advertising, marketing, and sales. They make great motivational speakers, teachers, politicians, and performers. Unfortunately, Leo MCs can tend to be a bit egotistical with their success.

Leo MCs wish to be superstars and value success by how well they are known and loved.

2. Capricorn Midheaven

Capricorn MCs are extremely career-oriented and hardly ever let anyone or anything get in their way. This MC's success won't happen by a happy accident or come to fruition overnight. It will come over time through honest and hard work. 


People with this MC naturally make great CEOs, managers, doctors, property owners, financial managers, and bankers.

Capricorn MCs are practical and can come off as cold and distant to their co-workers. Unfortunately, due to their tunnel vision to success, Capricorn Midheavens can sometimes end up isolating friends, family, and partners. They often prioritize their professional tasks over their personal lives. 

However, no matter how tough of an exterior they may have, Capricorn MCs crave security and love. 

3. Taurus Midheaven

Taurus MCs have a slow burn to their success and dream about leaving a tangible legacy behind. The Taurus Midheaven is focused on spreading harmony and beauty around themselves which makes careers in which they can express these qualities optimal for them.


People with the Taurus Midheaven prefer a reliable career where they have a sense of stability and security. Careers in which they can create and build are best. 

This MC will have lasting success once they have found it, which can take some time with this notoriously slow-moving zodiac sign. Though slow, the Taurus Midheaven is a determined sign and works hard to get things running smoothly. For this reason, start-ups are perfect for Taurus MCs. 

A few ideal career paths for people with the Midheaven in Taurus are banking, art, music, finance, and fashion. Though it could take this MC years to decide which career path to pursue, once they decide, they are unwavering in achieving the goal.

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4. Virgo Midheaven

Virgo Midheaven signs are dedicated, practical, analytical, and strategic. They are also very effective, dutiful, and incredibly organized people. They are often praised for their strong sense of responsibility, discipline, and order.

Due to these powerful traits, people with this MC know how to make an impact on the world around them and have a deep sense of purpose in their work. The number one thing for the Virgo Midheaven, though, is that they need to feel like their work has meaning in it. 

Unfortunately, Virgo MCs are their own worst critic and can be a bit impatient.

Some top career paths for a Virgo Midheaven are veterinary, fitness, accounting, medicine, management, wellness, nutrition, or science.


5. Scorpio Midheaven

People with the Scorpio Midheaven are powerful, ambitious, enticing, and transformative people. People with this MC, though very ambitious, tend to hold a more subtle public persona.

Don't get me wrong, that persona is still very powerful and commanding — they just are more private than many would think. Scorpio MCs prefer privacy over bragging about their success and achievements.

Scorpio Midheavens are extremely focused on making their mark on the world and leaving a legacy behind. They often work in positions or careers that require a strong sense and knowledge of the dark, hidden, and mysterious.

Because of this, many people with the Midheaven in Scorpio lean towards occupations like researchers, investigators, psychologists, or forensic accountants.


Unfortunately, because of their mystery and privacy, they can get a reputation of being hard to work with or secretive. 

6. Gemini Midheaven

The Gemini Midheaven sign is intelligent, curious, sociable, optimistic, and highly communicative.

Gemini MCs need a career that will constantly keep their minds stimulated. They need a fast-paced, social, and flexible career path that lets them express their creativity in order to be completely fulfilled and satisfied. In other words, you won't catch one dead sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day. 

However, because Gemini MCs have so many ideas, passions, and interests, they may end up chasing down several at the same time or constantly switching jobs, which can quickly cause burnout.  


No matter where this MC ends up, as long as they are able to share, discuss, and learn, they will succeed. People with the Midheaven in Gemini are most successful in journalism, media, public relations, marketing, acting, or education.

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