How To Predict The Type Of Relationship You'll Have With Someone Based On Where They're From, Using Astrology

Using astrology, you can uncover the planetary energy that contributes to your relationship dynamic.

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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to move to another part of the world or relocate to another state, some astrologers would advise you to look into astrocartography. The same can be applied to love — through astrocartography, looking at the planetary lines can give us some clues about our potential partners and the type of relationship energy we will attract based on a respective planetary line on our chart.


How to predict the type of relationship you'll have with someone based on where they're from, using astrology

In a TikTok video, intuitive astrocartography consultants Dom & Mishell explained the impact of each of the planetary lines and how they could change the dynamic of the relationship. This can also explain why we can have different relationships and friendships with people we meet who are not from our hometown.



Someone from your Jupiter lines

Dating someone from your Jupiter line is "good for financial gain with a partner as well as adventurous exploratory experiences together," Dom & Mishell explained. Dating someone with this energy would be like having a connection with a Sagittarius rising or Pisces rising. It can feel like an awakening, and you may feel pushed out of your comfort zone as this person will show you everything that you could be missing. Being in a relationship with someone from your Jupiter line is like a second rebirth that has the elements of prosperity and abundance linked to it.


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Someone from your Sun lines

This is a "fulfilling connection where you see each other in a very positive light and you make each other extremely happy," Dom & Mishell explained. "This is also good for financial gain within a connection.” It's another positive connection, filled with hopes and dreams that may have seemed far-fetched. Having the sun in your life is a gateway for more optimism and courage. A partner with these qualities would bring good intensity and self-confidence because it will help you see yourself in a new light. Drawing in a sun-line partner seems blissful and brings healing.

Someone from your Venus lines

As Dom & Mishell explained, "Venus MC and Venus DC are soulmate lines." In fact, your Venus line is one of the best places to find love and can lead to "a connection on what you want to explore in food and entertainment, art and culture.” Nothing beats having a partner who will splurge, show your love, and open your eyes to the beauty of the world. The partner from the Venus lines promotes a good type of healing, especially for those who have lost faith in love. This can be like being in a relationship with the partner of your dreams. It seems entertaining and optimistic, signs that this is ruled by a benefic planet.

Someone from your Mercury lines

As Dom & Mishell explained, this is indicative of a relationship based on "intellectual connectivity and communication." Similar to dating Gemini and Virgo risings, this connection is for those who want to expand on their knowledge as you will "like to challenge each other on a mental level," said Dom & Mishell. Similar to dating someone from the Jupiter line, this connection can open your mind to new experiences and expose you to new opportunities. It also brings to focus that there is a lot of passion intertwined with good communication in romantic relationships.


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Someone from your Mars lines

A relationship with someone from one of your Mars lines brings "great physical connection," Dom & Mishell explained, as well as "great physical intimacy." Despite bringing in the fun and excitement early on, this is not always a sustainable option for long-term relationships as they warn that "if this is the standalone factor it can also go the opposite way," because while physical passion is likely to be at an all-time high, that passion is also likely to emerge in explosive arguments. However, it is still a good learning experience and a fun time. Experiencing a Mars-line relationship can teach us the importance of more mature partners in the long run as well as the sustainable and realistic goals needed for a relationship to thrive.

Someone from your Saturn lines

"Oftentimes, with Saturn, the individual is going to come off as very stable and responsible," Dom & Mishell said. And who doesn’t want a responsible partner in their lives? However, they note that "people who are used to chaos in the relationships might perceive this as really boring." That said, relationships with people from your Saturn lines may be essential for the long-term stability that other Saturnian people may enjoy. It seems to bring a practical partner with solid goals to build a future.

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Someone from your Lunar Node ascendant lines

The Nodes are not easy placements and reflect karmic connections and past relationships. So it makes sense that this "might trigger each other in terms of insecurities and this is subconscious," according to Dom & Mishell. 

Someone from your Pluto lines

The intensity emanating from Pluto is enough to make anyone cower and run away and hide, and Dom & Mishell warn that a relationship with someone from this line can be so deep it can seem traumatic. This person is likely to "trigger you on a subconscious level," according to Dom & Mishell. It is not for the weak, and those who want to work it out have to endure a lot. Nevertheless, this seems like a position where one can gain a lot of knowledge and experience that they can apply to their other relationships.

Someone from your Chiron lines

Chiron holds power and it is a transformative asteroid that often gets overlooked. Chiron is honest, and transparent, so this partner may not hide their intentions. Dating someone from your Chiron lines would be a relationship where everyone’s cards are on the table, and is a good relationship "if you want the experiences of healing within a partnership but you do not want the intensity of the possibility of deception" that Pluto lines bring, according to Dom & Mishell.

Someone from your Uranus lines

Considering that Uranus is unpredictable and at times can feel unstable, this is like "the hookup line because it gives fleeting experiences," Dom & Mishell said. The lines here will be tied to something that will be exciting, new, and completely different from our moral compass. We could be out of character when we experience Uranus transits, so experiencing a relationship with this aspect will promote something soap opera-worthy.


Someone from your Moon line

According to Dom & Mishell, the "moon ascendant is the conception, fertility, and raising of a family line." A relationship with someone from your moon AC line is one in which you'll be tied to one another emotionally, exposing wounds but coming together to create something new and profound, such as a family. It's a line that gets better with time, understanding, and lots of patience.

Someone from your past life lines, Chiron IC or Pluto IC

If you've ever felt like you feel a past life connection with someone, it may be because they're from your Chiron IC or Pluto IC line. "You probably had a past life together or several and you’re coming back together for a completion," Dom & Mishell said. It's a relationship with volatile energy that seems to explore karmic debts we may have with partners and vice versa. This relationship is a very dynamic connection that could bring either deep love or hatred. Of course, this would all depend on the maturity and the willingness of both parties to heal.

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