5 Life-Changing Things That Happen On Your Astrocartography Sun Line

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Have you ever noticed how different you feel in some places more than others, or have you ever felt so good somewhere you have traveled that you dream of moving there?

According to astrocartographythe branch of astrology concerning how planetary placements affect the way we feel and respond to certain places or areas, some locations around the globe are actually more positive places for us and favor the accomplishment of certain desires or qualities we want to focus on in life.

When you calculate an astrocartography map, you see a map of the world (or whichever area you are interested in looking at) with lines drawn through different localities. Each line is associated with a particular planet whose effects and qualities apply to you in that particular location based on your birth chart. 

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Astrocartography Sun line meaning

In Astrocartography, the Sun line represents our ego and self-realization.

When living on our Sun line, we feel more in touch with ourselves, at ease, magnetic, and feel as though life goes our way. We may feel more alive and in control of our own destiny and life seems to have fewer obstacles or restrictions. 

Since the Sun rules the Father or paternal side of the family, we can come into contact with connections through the male familial line.

Big life changes to expect on your Sun line



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1. An increase in positive energy.

The Sun line makes us more magnetic and puts us more at ease so we feel positive and uplifted. 

Some may feel a greater sense of letting go of past worries on the Sun line. Life can seem lighter, happier, and much more carefree.

2. More confidence.

Since the Sun rules the ego in astrology, living on the Sun line can increase or enlarge our egos. For some people who are normally shy, reticent, or don’t have much of an ego this can be a good thing, putting us in touch with our true selves and philosophies and encouraging us to act on them.

While the Sun line is generally considered positive, too much ego can be a problem if we act in a way that is purely about self-interests or if our ego becomes so inflated we become self-centered.

3. Main character energy.

While the Sun line is typically very positive and beneficial, it is not necessarily the place to live if you are an extremely private person. The Sun likes to shine, and if you want to stay out of the limelight, this may not be the place for you.

If, on the other hand, you have no trouble taking the spotlight and being seen, you should feel perfectly at home. 

4. Masculine connections.

Since the Sun is a male planet and rules men, those wanting to meet men might enjoy living here and find men in abundant supply. Since the Sun rules the male side of the family, sometimes connections related to the Father may be found, or some other male family member. 

5. General prosperity.

The Sun can be considered the provider in a material sense, so work and money should prosper here along with our confidence, reputation, and ability to realize our truest and deepest desires.

Another factor to consider if living on the Sun line is what the Sun in your natal chart does. If, for example, the Sun opposes Mars, you might feel too much aggression since that would be amplified. On the other hand, if your Sun trines Venus, you might feel more love. 

All in all the Sun is a positive force warming and supporting us along with all other life on earth.

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