The Pros And Cons Of Living Along Your Astrocartography Mars Line

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Have you ever noticed you are drawn to or feel better in specific locations and places without knowing exactly why? Astrology may have some answers for you.

Astrocartography is a sector of astrology concerning how planetary placements affect the way we feel and respond to certain places or areas where we live, wish to live, or visit. 

Using astrocartography, your birth chart is mapped against the world map, revealing the strengths and benefits — and sometimes disadvantages) of living in a certain place or particular environment, depending on how or what you want to manifest in your life.

When you calculate an astrocartography map, you see a map of the world (or whichever area you are interested in looking at) with lines drawn through different localities. Each line is associated with a particular planet whose effects and qualities apply to you in that particular location based on your birth chart. 

Note that you don't have to be directly on the line to feel its effects, as the energies associated with each line expand out to up to 700 miles from the actual line.

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Astrocartography Mars line meaning

The Mars line in astrocartography is representative of where you'll be fueled by passion and a drive to succeed.

Living on your Mars line can be a double-edged sword. Mars is the male principal in astrology and it represents men, sex, action, competition, and motivation. Mars is also indicative of physical exercise or activities so the Mars line could be a great placement for athletes or dancers. 

Living on your Mars line could inspire you to pursue your passions and desires to the fullest, but before taking that step, it is important to know you will be up to the challenge as Mars is neither a passive nor particularly peaceful planet. It can, however, help in terms of large accomplishments, passions, and motivation. 

According to a TikTok posted by astrologer Astro Dim, there's a list of pros and cons that come with being on your Mars line.



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Pros of living in your Mars line

Mars is considered the action planet so the Mars line in a chart would manifest as being busy, competitive, and always working toward a goal. If you've been taking a laissez-faire approach to life, spending time in your Mars line could help propel you forward.

Mars emits masculine energy and rules passion, so if you're in need of spicing up your life, move or travel to your Mars line. If you're looking for a love affair, this would be the place for you.

Mars increases our ability to assert ourselves, so if you are a generally nonassertive person, you may find that in places that fall on your Mars line, you have the courage to be more assertive and go after what you want.

Mars is also known as the ‘warrior’ planet which can be channeled into activities that can uplift or tear down. Fighting for a good cause or those less fortunate would be a positive use of the energy. Alternatively, Mars energy is also found in war-like situations, dictatorships, and fights.

If you want to focus on a Mars-driven career, your Mars line would help you in this area. Mars-like careers include sports, military careers, law enforcement, or other careers that require courage, bravery, and physical activity. Surgery is ruled by Mars as well, so this could be a good place for a surgeon to live or relocate to for greater success.

Mars is an independent planet that does not like being held back so it is also known for being pioneering and adventuresome. Since Mars is the action planet, moving to your Mars line would mean you are likely to take more action personally in terms of living or achieving your passions, whatever they are. 

Cons of living in your Mars line

Mars is known as the ‘God of War’ in astrology. It is advisable to seriously consider this because with passion and competition can come aggression and sometimes arguments.

For instance, Mars' energy is typically involved in accidents or violence and rules guns, knives, and objects or machines made of metal. Mars also rules police and police actions.

The Mars line might be more challenging than other places because altercations and aggressiveness are more common. Along this line, some could be inclined toward getting what they want at any expense. 

For those who have unresolved anger issues, the Mars line might not be a good place to live or travel as it could amp up those qualities, or you could find yourself in a position of paying a price for your actions if they become extreme or challenged by others.

Living on the Mars line isn’t for everyone, but if you are seeking the qualities of Mars, especially in terms of action, movement, adventure, or bravery this could be the area you could thrive in.

Understanding an Astrocartography chart is a complicated process and it is best to consult with an experienced astrologer who specializes in this type of astrology before making a decision to uproot your life and move.

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