The Potentially Transformative Experience Of Living In Your Chiron Line, According To Astrocartography

Areas along your Chiron line are going to feel more challenging.

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Have you ever noticed you are drawn to or feel better in certain places more than others without knowing why? Astrology may be the reason why.

Astrocartography is one of the lesser-known branches of astrology that deals with location and how the placement of the planets in your birth chart match up to specific locations around the globe.

Astrocartography can help explain why you may long to travel to a certain part of the world or have always dreamed of living somewhere abroad. 


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Along with being a tool for relocation, studying the lines and what they represent can be a great healing tool for visiting a certain locale based on which areas of your life you're hoping to work on.

When you calculate an astrocartography map, you see a map of the world (or whichever area you are interested in looking at) with lines drawn through different localities. Each line is associated with a particular planet whose effects and qualities apply to you in that particular location based on your birth chart. 

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Note that you don't have to be directly on the line to feel its effects, as the energies associated with each line expand out to up to 700 miles from the actual line.

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Astrocartography Chiron line

In astrology, Chiron is considered a minor planet and a comet. It represents the deeper inner wounds we all acquire in life that are the most difficult to heal. Chiron also deals with how we resolve these deep wounds and hurts, hence its nickname, ‘the wounded healer.’ 

Like all of the planets, a Chiron line can be found on an astrocartography map. This can show you where you can heal your innermost feelings of being wounded or damaged by life or circumstances.


If you move or travel to your Chiron line, in many cases you will be presented with situations that bring up the earlier pain indicated by the Chiron placement in your birth chart until you take steps to move beyond the problem and embrace who you really are along with the imperfections we all have.

Many people report that living on the Chiron line continues to bring up old psychological wounds, but it can ultimately result in healing these earlier wounds followed by a transformation that leads to many positive life changes. 

This can occur as a result of embracing and acknowledging the darkest periods of our past and letting go of those things that once kept us from moving forward. This action can ripple from ourselves outward to others who are healed by our experiences once we have transformed our own life.


Moving to your Chiron line is not for everyone.

The deeper your wounds are and the more resistance there is to acknowledge and overcome them the greater the chance is that events will happen where your wounds will be ‘triggered’ so that you will have to deal with them again and again until you change your course or the actions that continue to hold you back.

If you are willing to face the darker corners of your psyche and work at overcoming pain and unhappiness so that you can move forward and claim the spiritual gifts of the ‘wounded healer,’ the greater your chances of success are if you choose to move to your Chiron line.


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