How To Use Local Space Astrology To Find The Best Places For You In Your City

Local space astrology “is a technique to find the best places in your city to find a job, find love, make money," or whatever you're looking for.

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Astrocartography is the study of places on the planet that suit an individual best using astrology and how planetary placements affect the way we feel and respond to areas where we live, wish to live or visit. 

When you look at an astrocartography map, lines are drawn through different localities. The different lines all have different meanings that would apply to you in that particular location based on your birth chart. Each line links up with a particular planet that would bring out certain qualities within and connect you to others who could help you develop or live according to the qualities and things you want to manifest in your life. 


Local space astrology applies the same principles used in astrocartography to where you currently live.

According to astrology TikTok creator @shawtyherbs, local space astrology “is a technique to find the best places in your city to find a job, find love, make money, whatever it is (you are looking for)," she said.

To create your own local space astrology map, @shawtyherbs suggests going to and entering your birth data, including place and time. From there, you can zoom in and "see the places in your neighborhood and city," @shawtyherbs explains in a TikTok video.



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"At the top of the page," she mentions, "you are going to see an option that says ‘show azimuth houses.’ Be sure and click this, because this is going to allow you to apply the houses in your natal chart to this specific chart.”

To see the lines in comparison to where you currently live, you can move the blue arrow that appears on the map.

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Each line in Astrocartography represents a planet that typically has the following effects.

Sun line: recognition and pursuing your truest held goals. You are more in touch with your own inner power and positivity. These places will "bring you more attention or recognition," says @shawtyherbs, or may just be "places where you feel more alive."

Moon line: a sense of home and property come into play with this line along with familial and parental connections. Intuitive feelings can manifest and the Moon rules women.

Mercury line: this increases the intellect and communication. Writing or speaking possibilities can occur along with situations involving children or young people who are also ruled by Mercury.


Venus line: art, music and all things connected to beauty, love, pleasure and ease of living.

Mars line: Mars rules men, action and aggression. Good for sports or physical activities and assertiveness, but Mars also represents accidents and anger.

Jupiter line: associated with money and finances along with expanding your horizons, the Jupiter line indicates "lucky places to visit in your city," @shawtyherbs explains.

Saturn line: serious matters, the past, discipline and worrying or delays are associated with Saturn.

Uranus line: new adventures, freedom, breaking away from situations and independence. Unexpected events can occur.

Neptune line: creativity and dreams, unclear situations, fantasy, false expectations, drugs and alcohol may be present.


Pluto line: change and transformation, mystery, intrigue, power and or corruption. The masses may play a role here in some way.

The houses also play a role in your local space astrology chart.

“If you want to visit places in your town or city where you might make more money, visit the line that your second house crosses over," says @shawtyherbs. "If you want a place to date and possibly find love, visit the line that your fifth house crosses over."


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