The Type Of People That Find You Attractive, According To Your Venus Sign

Through degree theory, we see that there is a lot more to Venus signs and compatibility.

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Finding the ideal partner is connected with two personal planets, Venus and Mars. However, Venus tells us more about what we look for and what can captivate us.

According to astrology TikTok creator @shawtyherbs, the degrees that correspond to each Venus sign can signal the type of people you tend to attract.



You could be an Aries Venus but feel connected to Aquarius Venus traits if your Venus is at either 11 or 23 degrees. Through degree theory, we see that there is a lot more to Venus signs and compatibility. Understanding the sign and the degree can help us uncover more about the partners we attract and how we love.


The type of people that find you attractive, based on your Venus sign and degree

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Venus in Aries / Venus at Aries degrees 1, 13, and 25

Having an Aries Venus means the natives will attract people that channel their fiery and independent energy. Partners that push them out of their comfort zone and teach them to mature and grow emotionally will win their hearts. These partners will spark Aries' transformation and evolution.

Venus in Taurus / Venus at Taurus degrees 2, 14, and 26

As a sign that is represented by Venus, they will attract partners that reflect their carefree vibe, and artistic and creative nature. They are drawn to beautiful people and enjoy being in relationships with partners that bring them stability while encouraging them to feel more comfortable with who they are.


Venus in Gemini / Venus at Gemini degrees 3, 15, and 27

Those with these Gemini Venus placements tend to attract people with fresh perspectives and sharp minds. The relationship will represent an intellectual connection that keeps getting stronger with time.

Venus in Cancer / Venus at Cancer degrees 4, 16, and 28

Venus in Cancer attracts people that offer stability and security. Their partner must also be emotionally available and receptive to meaningful communication. Venus here enjoys being caring and nurturing to their partner, so a partner that can mirror this energy will help them fall deeper in love.

Venus in Leo / Venus at Leo degrees 5, 17, and 29

When Venus is ruled by the Sun, it attracts a partner that stands out and is extremely confident. As a fixed sign, Leo Venus seeks loyalty and someone who they can confide in. Their partner will show them new perspectives and new ways to love.

Venus in Virgo / Venus at Virgo degrees 6 and 18

Virgo Venus attracts people that channel all of those Virgo traits, especially those who value organization. They want a partner that helps them stay on their path and is mature, someone that can inspire and bring out their romantic side. An evolved Virgo does not seek a project, instead, they want to build with their partner.


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Venus in Libra / Venus at Libra degrees 7 and 19

Venus is at home in the sign of Libra. The native with this Venus sign will attract Libran types that could be a little co-dependent. Libra represents the scales, so they often attract people who can offer them stability and balance. They want their partner to be charming, ambitious, and someone who shows them unconditional love.

Venus in Scorpio / Venus at Scorpio degrees 8 and 20

Nothing makes a Scorpio type fall in love faster than an intellectual partner who is confident, nurturing, and devoted. People with a Scorpio Venus will attract those with strong Scorpio placements. They want someone with an independent nature but will be able to share their world with them. They also want a partner that does not mind merging with their soul.

Venus in Sagittarius / Venus at Sagittarius degrees 9 and 21

One of the most romantic signs is Sagittarius Venus. They tend to attract people who are communicative, adventurous, and bold. They want someone who will make them feel alive and can teach them new things. These people want a partner that can be a mentor and will help them evolve their philosophy.


Venus in Capricorn / Venus at Capricorn degrees 10 and 22

Having Venus in Capricorn shows that the native attracts people who share their ambitions, values, and work ethic. Capricorns enjoy being in love, but they want to make sure that their partner is not playing games and wants the same goals. They go slow and steady but if they trust their partner they will be an open book.

Venus in Aquarius / Venus at Aquarius degrees 11 and 23

Venus in Aquarius attracts mysterious, confident, and intelligent people. A partner that helps them think outside the box and who wants to explore and experience the world around them. Their partner needs to be their friend first so that they can develop trust. Aquarius wants a unique and loyal partner that helps them feel free, be in love with the world, and be aligned with their purpose.

Venus in Pisces / Venus at Pisces degrees 12 and 24

Venus is exalted in this sign, meaning the native knows what it means to love and understand the concept of romance. Venus in Pisces wants the fairy tale ending. They attract partners that seek comfort, care, stability, selflessness, and unconditional love, which fuels them and makes the Pisces Venus more appreciative of the relationship.


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