What An Aquarius Venus Sign Means In Your Birth Chart

You're rebellious in relationships.

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Your Venus sign affects your relationships and personal values in relation to how you connect with others.

With a Venus in Aquarius in your natal chart, these traits are highly influenced by Aquarius qualities and traits.

Venus in Aquarius meaning in the birth chart

Aquarius Venus likes to destroy rules and cause chaos in relationships, but only to test the resilience of their partners.

It is a sign associated with structure because it is co-ruled by disciplined Saturn. However, it is known as the rebel since Uranus is also a co-ruler. Two planetary rulers representing opposite ideals make it hard for others to understand Aquarius Venus signs, especially if their romantic interests are in earth or water Venuses.


Aquarius makes a dynamic connection with air and fire because they all understand the need for freedom. They also cannot be tamed. Aquarius Venus has an eccentric style and loves to stand out.

The Aquarius Venus sign is practical about money and finances. However, they are not tied to material things and they prefer to donate or help the collective.

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Aquarius Venus sign traits

People with this Venus sign are is visionaries, fearless, and independent. They are also friendly and are usually surrounded by a solid group of friends they can rely on.


1. Emotional

Believe it or not, this Venus sign is passionate, just not at the same level as a water Venus.

People with Venus in Aquarius are emotional but do not show their vulnerable side to those they do not deem worthy. Sometimes when they bottle too much, they have random bursts of emotions because air Venus signs try to break down their emotions in a logical manner, which can cause frustrations, especially when they cannot communicate this to a romantic partner. They will repress everything they feel and bottle it all up.


When Aquarius can see emotions as a positive part of who they are and incorporate sharing with the people they love, they will become better communicators and display more emotional depth.

2. Independent

Aquarius Venus will fight for their independence when they feel it’s being threatened by others. Controlling partners will not last with this placement since they value their idea of happiness. Because they need to feel free and confident in a relationship, manipulation and petty games will also backfire against this Venus sign. Protecting their peace will take precedence before a commitment.

The Aquarius Venus sign prefers to remain single if they can’t compromise with their partners.

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3. Friendly

Aquarius is one of the few Venus signs that will prefer to be friends first before engaging in a relationship. Their partners need to be their best friends, someone that understands them.

Trust is important to them since they are a fixed sign. This is why it might seem essential for an Aquarius Venus to date or marry their best friends because the connection will flow much easier compared to someone that they did not create a friendship history with. Having already established a deep connection allows for the relationship to grow and evolve in the long run.

If you are interested in dating an Aquarius Venus, start as friends first and get to know them. 

4. Distant

The Aquarius Venus is a placement that can be distant, especially if they have a lot of Capricorn placements in their natal chart. The Venus air sign can easily become detached, specifically if they are bored. Being alone is not something they fear, but they also know the importance of forming relationships with someone and will seek to find a partner that can match what they need.


An evolved Aquarius Venus will let their partners know what they feel after having a few days to themselves to recoup.

5. Intelligent

Air Venus signs are fascinating because they know a little bit about everything and they attract similar partners that share their passion for learning. Aquarius Venus likes a clever partner and wants someone they can talk to about anything. They want to learn from someone that inspires them. If they can have excellent communication with their partner, it can allow them to bond with them on an intellectual level.

Communication helps them to open up emotionally to someone they love. Aquarius needs this mental stimulation because it can keep their relationship exciting and fresh for the long run.


Overall, the Aquarius Venus placement is a fun, playful, and enchanting Venus sign that wants to learn and grow with someone they are comfortable with.

They will feel blessed to fall for someone that is their best friend and life partner. Aquarius Venus seeks a trustworthy partner who will grant them freedom, patience, and growth, and helps them develop their emotional and vulnerable side.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.