What A Virgo Venus Sign Means In Your Birth Chart

Venus is in fall in Virgo, but it's not all bad.

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Your Venus sign dictates how you value yourself and analyze your self-worth.

Venus rules the material, so it is a good indicator of your relationship with spending and saving money. In love, Venus reveals how you react emotionally and what traits you look for in a romantic partner. Your Venus sign gives you clues about what brings you confidence, comfort, and security when you focus on yourself and when you are in a relationship.


If you have a Virgo Venus sign, this means the Virgo zodiac sign influences your self-esteem, personal style, romantic attraction, and the way that you love.

Venus is in fall in Virgo, which means its energy is greatly reduced and can even be expressed negatively. 

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Virgo Venus sign traits

1. Organized

This is a sign that is always prepared and takes on personal challenges that push for their self-improvement. Being organized allows them to thrive in school and the workplace because Virgo Venus is a perfectionist and will do their best to bring efficiency into their daily life.

2. Critical

Virgo Venus loves to look at the details in things. While it is an excellent trait, it can also cause frustration for the natives and their romantic partners. Providing good counsel and advice to their partners is great for both parties. Nevertheless, they need to learn not to be overly critical of the people they love.

3. Helpful

A sign that goes the extra mile for the ones they love, Virgos will do whatever it takes to help their friends and romantic partners. They have the best interest of others in mind, making them reliable and trusting friends.

4. Romantic

Virgo Venus is loving and will make their partners feel comfortable and adored in their way since they will prioritize their partner's needs before their own. Not ones to invest or buy the most flashy or expensive things for their partners, but they will provide them with meaningful gifts. They can be self-sacrificing in love and will do what it takes for their loved ones.


5. Aloof

Some partners might find this Venus sign to be somewhat detached and emotionally cold. Venus in Virgo must establish good communication with their partners to prevent both parties from feeling insecure when they aren't in a talkative mood.

6. Anxious

Ruled by Mercury, natives with this placement will occasionally be anxious. Once they adapt and understand that not everything can be controlled, it could make them feel more confident in what they do. A partner that can teach them the importance of meditating and resting can help them feel more centered.

7. Insecure

Those with Venus in Virgo tend to be insecure, which stems from their critical nature. They need to learn how to not focus on being perfectionists and to free themselves from their inner critic.

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Venus in Virgo relationships

Contrary to popular belief, Virgo Venus is a misunderstood romantic. They might appear cold and rigid, but with time they will warm up to their partners, especially if they establish good communication and build positive foundations in the relationship.

Dealing with their insecurities will pose a challenge, but with a trusting partner, they can evolve and grow into assured people. Virgo benefits from a strong and confident partner that will get them out of their shell. Finding someone that teaches them the freedom of not having to be perfect will bring them happiness.

Venus in Virgo friendships

When Venus in Virgo is in a friendship, they are dependable and loyal. They are the friends who will give the best advice, help when called, and provide their friends with action plans and guidance when they need it. Virgo Venus knows how to problem solve and find solutions to problems. They are the friends who have your back, will tell you the truth, and not sugarcoat anything.

Virgo Venus sign style and values

The Virgo Venus has an elegant style that allows them to stand out wherever they go. Not ones to crave the limelight, however, they tend to steal it.


Those with Virgo Venus are meticulous about their looks and care about how others see them. They usually put a lot of effort into their appearance because of their perfectionist nature. They prefer wearing comfortable attire that compliments them and knows how to make anything from black tie to business casual clothing look trendy and stylish.

Venus in this sign will not spend money frivolously because they like to earn and save for the long run.

Virgo Venus aspires to become respected and can achieve this goal once they silence their inner saboteur.


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