Scorpio Moon Sign Traits + Best Zodiac Love Compatibility

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Scorpio Moon Sign Meaning, Traits & Characteristics

Moon in Scorpio individuals are intense, to say the least.

Given that Moon signs rule moods and emotions, having your Moon in one of the most deeply passionate signs of the zodiac makes for an emotive personality.

Scorpio Moon is the perfect example of why we cannot neglect our Moon signs when we think of our zodiac. Sun signs only represent a small fraction of our personalities, yet when we think of our zodiac signs, that is all we consider. 

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What a Scorpio Moon Means

While our Sun sign dictates how we shine outwardly, our Moon sign tells us about a darker, more hidden selfhood.

Moon signs rule your inner emotions and instinctual reactions. Your Moon sign is determined by the placement of the Moon within the solar system at the exact time of your birth; it's a much more precise, personalized position than your Sun sign.

If you have a Scorpio Moon sign, that means the Moon was traveling through Scorpio when you were born.

The specificity of Moon signs means that many people resonate more strongly with this and their Rising signs than they do with their Sun sign. It also helps to explain the differences between people who share Sun signs but have dissimilar personalities.

Your Moon sign shapes your emotional needs and what you thrive on to feel fulfilled. 

Moon in Scorpio: Characteristics and Personality Traits

Scorpio is a water sign, and therefore relates deeply to the emotional and psychological aspects of life.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning you are determined and enduring, and will pursue your desires and passions to the bitter end. Your emotional wellbeing comes largely from having close connections with others. Truthful connections allow you to express your inner emotions and passions.

You demand loyalty in friendship, above all else, because you need to feel safe and secure in your relationships with others. This need for loyalty can sometimes produce negative feelings if betrayal is perceived.

Your emotional range means you can quickly cut off anyone who you fear has crossed you.

1. Scorpio Moons are ruled by powerful emotions.

Scorpio is a rather tenuous place for the Moon to sit and she is often in her fall here. This makes it a challenge to balance lunar qualities, such as emotions and spirituality.

Because of the emotional depth of Scorpio, you feel every aspect of life. You react easily to emotional stimuli and harbor intense, often overwhelming feelings. Scorpio Moons are always on a rollercoaster of emotion, shifting between high highs and low lows. 

Scorpio Moons do best when they can learn not to react to everything life throws their way. Just because an emotion has power doesn’t mean it should dictate your life. Embrace the fluidity of your water sign by allowing emotions to flow through you rather than drown you. 

2. This Moon sign develops deep introspective tendencies.

Scorpios have a unique ability to keep an icy cold poker face, even in the depths of emotional despair. They might be riding a rollercoaster of emotions but no one will hear them scream.

Scorpio Moons are deeply private. You fear vulnerability so much that even those closest to you don’t always know exactly what is going on. 

While everyone can benefit from opening up to others, this reserve can be harnessed into a positive if you learn to enjoy spending time with yourself. When used correctly, your introspection can be a tool for understanding the depths of your emotions and that of others.

As you spend time alone, try to make sense of your thoughts and come to terms with your emotional complexity. It will make you more intuitive to others and improve your relationship with yourself. 

3. They can see right through façades.

You might fear that your intense emotions make you vulnerable, but they’re actually your greatest strength.

No stranger to the ups and downs of life, as a Scorpio Moon, you have a keen ability to pick up on the emotional undercurrents surrounding you. Your gut instincts are unmatched, and your need for loyalty and honesty means you can always uncover truths. 

This emotional depth isn’t just about catching deceits; it also gives you a knack for knowing what others need in their lives, often before they know it themselves. You might butt in on other peoples problems a lot, but you solve them just as quickly, making you a supportive and loyal friend to all who you hold dear.  

4. A Scorpio Moon's secretive nature prevents them from getting emotional support.

Often, your need to help others is a means of distracting them from observing your needs.

You fear vulnerability and jump to dominate or control others to keep them from getting to the root of your problems. This can cause you to appear detached or aloof as you desperately scramble to look strong. 

Others may get frustrated with you for not letting them in. If you are not self-aware, you may let this secretiveness get the better of you and harbor resentment towards those who are just trying to help. 

5. That said, Scorpio Moons crave intimacy, even if they don’t always know how to show it. 

Opening up does wonders for a Scorpio who thrives on the exchange of emotional energy with others.

Through building emotional bonds, you will develop a better understanding of the world and your place in it. Instead of allowing your fear of vulnerability to rule your behavior, lean into your psychological adeptness and emotional honesty to let others in and allow your emotions to flourish. 

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Scorpio Moon Love Compatibility

With a Moon in Scorpio, you're likely to find yourself very attached in love. You might have a hard time building trust, but once you do, you're in it for life.

Your emotional intensity and secretive nature makes you somewhat cynical in love at times. You can lack trust and find yourself being jealous during times of uncertainty, but your fierce loyalty is something to be admired and respected. 

Scorpio Moon with Aries Moon

You're both highly emotional, which can create problems in your relationship.

While Aries Moon will have a blowout and move on, you're more likely to harbor negative feelings and hold grudges.

You both love to be in control so, when together, someone is always going to have to relent, which can become exhausting if compromise isn't found. 

Scorpio Moon with Taurus Moon

This union has great potential if both partners can bring the best versions of themselves.

Taurus Moon has much simpler emotional needs and will be more likely to contend to your wants than an Aries would. However, your secretive behavior and Taurus' possessiveness can clash.

What you do share is a mutual need for security and dependability in your relationships, so if you can let go of your fears of betrayal, magic can be made. 

Scorpio Moon with Gemini Moon

You both have extremely different emotional needs that are difficult to balance.

Gemini loves to escape in their own heads and experience freedom, while you prefer to dwell on your emotions and love intensely. You might find yourself fearing that Gemini is indifferent to your relationship and is more focused on their friendships which, to Gemini, can feel oppressive and controlling. 

Scorpio Moon with Cancer Moon

These two love with the same intensity and will bond over their emotional depth.

Cancer is soft and more open, happy to relent some of the dominance and control to Scorpio. You two can be mutually dependent on one another, which will help you feel safe in the relationship.

Cancer has the power to help a Scorpio Moon open up better than most signs. 

Scorpio Moon with Leo Moon

Scorpio Moon and Leo Moon are like night and day.

While you tend to sit in your emotions, Leo looks for light and joy in everything they do. You might find yourself growing suspicious of some of Leos behaviors. How can a person be that happy all the time?

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For you, these questions come from a desire to get to know Leo deeper but, for them, they might find your emotions draining. To make this work you need to embrace differences and celebrate opposites. 

Scorpio Moon with Virgo Moon

This union can be a good opportunity to balance rational thinking with emotional thoughts.

Virgo can benefit from your ability to feel deeply while you could do with some of Virgo's calm logic. Go easy on the dramatics around a Virgo Moon, though, they won't appreciate your inability to self-reflect and will be upset if you're overly critical. 

Scorpio Moon with Libra Moon

You sometimes find Libra Moon to vague or superficial and will find yourself frustrated by Libra's inability to delve deep into their emotions.

Libra also wants balance and compromise in their relationships, which can be next to impossible for domineering Scorpio. You two will both need to work hard to make this union thrive. 

Scorpio Moon with Scorpio Moon

Think of all the intensity, passion, loathing, and jealousy you feel in your relationships. Now, multiply it by 2 and you have a Scorpio-Scorpio union.

Your ability to love and hate in equal measure (often both at once) creates intense emotional storms in your relationship. You both share a need for extreme loyalty so you'll never betray each other's trust, nor will your emotional bond be anything but strong.

What you do need to be careful of is taking your flair for dramatics too far and creating too much destruction. 

Scorpio Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius is optimistic and always looking on the bright side of things which, for you, can lack depth.

You want more acknowledgment of dark thoughts while Sagittarius will brush these feelings to the side. You need to feel intensely in order to be emotionally satisfied so you might feel neglected in your relationship with a Sagittarius.

Scorpio Moon with Capricorn Moon

This is a bond worth working with.

It might take some time to get off the ground, but these two signs share a faithfulness and sincerity that is hard to come by. You might think you have a hard time building trust, but you're no match for a Capricorn Moon, who is extremely reluctant to reveal repressed emotions.

Once you both commit to slowly letting the other in, this can be a perfect match.

Scorpio Moon with Aquarius Moon

If you haven't gathered by now, you need to feel loved in order to be satisfied in your relationships.

Unfortunately, Aquarius' dreamlike behavior doesn't always leave room to shower you with intensity and passion. They are an independent sign who won't react well to your possessiveness.

Scorpio will have to learn to open up and be more free in order to make this bond work.

Scorpio Moon with Pisces Moon

Emotions are all that these two signs need to feel fulfilled which can make for a positive union.

Pisces can be a powerful force in helping you to heal and let go of grudges due to their forgiving nature. However, be careful not to burden fragile Pisces — they need as much love as they give in order to keep going. 

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