What To Expect During Your Jupiter Return Every 12 Years

Your Jupiter return happens at the ages of 12, 24, 36 and 48.

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You've probably heard about the Saturn return in astrology and maybe even your Venus Return and its potential to bring in soulmates. But did you know that a Jupiter return is one of the most fortunate astrological events one can experience in their life?

A “return” in astrology is basically the term used to describe a transiting planet (or asteroid) forming a conjunction with the same planet (or asteroid) in your natal chart. And big daddy Jupiter happens to return to its natal spot once every 12 years.


What is a Jupiter Return?

When the transiting Jupiter forms a conjunction with your natal Jupiter, it's called a Jupiter return. This usually happens around the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, and so on, although the exact timings are better mapped with the help of a birth chart and transit synastry chart.

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Depending on the zodiac sign and house of your natal Jupiter, Jupiter return can either bring in good fortune by the boatloads for you or just make it easier to cruise through life and get a break from your perpetual hardships.

This is why people with natal Jupiter in Sagittarius or Pisces tend to be extra lucky during their Jupiter return because Jupiter is their natural zodiac ruler. But in terms of success and wealth, people with natal Jupiter in Taurus or Leo or Jupiter in the second, fifth or 10th house do the best during their Jupiter return.

What to expect during a Jupiter Return

1. A massive confidence boost

Jupiter return can do wonders for our self-confidence and self-esteem. You feel invincible and experience more positivity than the last few years of your life combined. Some even feel that their luck is shifting and so become more confident in pursuing their hopes and dreams. It can feel like karma is on your side and the fates are conspiring in your favor. Sometimes this confidence boost comes in the form of excellent teachers or supportive environments that you literally never thought you would chance upon. And for some people, it can even be the help they needed just at the right time.

2. A change in wealth and fortune

Jupiter return usually causes a dramatic turn in your luck and fortune. But the placement of your natal Jupiter and the planets interacting with it will determine whether this will show up as an extreme financial windfall or a few lucky breaks in your long streak of misfortunes. The good thing is, Jupiter is a slow-moving planet. So most people experience good fortune for a solid six months during their actual Jupiter return. But the beneficial effect of Jupiter maintains a sway over their life for a full one to one-and-a-half years combined, before and after the actual return. 


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3. Encounter your hidden authority

Jupiter is the planet of the teacher and the emperor (Jupiter is the Roman name of Zeus, the king of gods). So Jupiter return often unlocks our hidden potential and reveals to us our secret authority. But this happens in a few interesting ways.

It can show you that you are naturally good at something you never knew you had a talent for. And then reveal that if you nurture this, you have the potential to be truly great. In fact, coming across this new interest or field of growth is the luckiest thing that Jupiter return can do for some people. Many stumble upon their passion and life purpose this way or change their career in the most gobsmacking way... only to find greatness and success instead of hardship and ridicule.

Jupiter return can also bring massive opportunities your way to help you rise up and become an authority in a particular field. Or it can bless you with a mentor who helps you extinguish your follower mentality and finally become the leader. The interesting thing is, your age and experience in life will dictate what you get in this regard. For example, a 12-year-old may suddenly become a star football player during their Jupiter return and go on to play college football many years later. But a 36-year-old may sign a lucrative deal during their Jupiter return that catapults their company into the Fortune 500 realm. For example, Jeff Bezos became a billionaire at the age of 35.


4. Experience spiritual growth and wisdom

Jupiter is commonly associated with spirituality and wisdom. This is why Jupiter return often coincides with people unknowingly setting off on spiritual journeys of growth and transformation. And depending on their natal Jupiter placements, this journal can range from a literal trek through the mountains to a monastery that changes their life to something more personal or internal.

Interestingly, Jupiter return often coincides with the end of one profection cycle and the beginning of another. It can even happen during your 12th house profection year, which directly deals with growth, maturity, and closure. And we all know how much wisdom is required to close certain chapters in life.

5. Become the luckiest of them all

One can't talk about Jupiter return and not talk about luck — pure, extraordinary luck. After all, Jupiter is the planet of luck and good fortune. That's why a lot of people experience boatloads of luck during their Jupiter return. Some even feel like obstacles are being directly removed from their path and their competition is being cleared out. 


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