This Week's Luckiest Day For Each Zodiac Sign, April 18 - 24, 2022

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luckiest day of the week for all zodiac signs, april 18 -24, 2022

This week's luckiest day for your zodiac sign is here starting April 18 - 24, 2022, and these horoscopes are so good!

What is the luckiest day for each zodiac sign the week of April 18 to 24, 2022?

This week brings new energy in as the Taurus zodiac season begins signifying that it is time to return to what not only feels stable in your life but also what brings you joy.  

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and one of the rulers of Venus, the planet of love. This earth sign is known for its preference for physical luxury. 

Whether it is new sheets, clothes, or a completely different address, this energy coming in will make you reevaluate what you need to physically feel good.  

There is also a sense of self-worth that arrives this week as you recognize whether it is something for your home or even a relationship that you deserve to be nurtured and treated in ways that are in alignment with that.  

Even though the once-in-a-lifetime lucky Jupiter Neptune conjunction occurred on April 12, it is an energy that will be in effect throughout the month so it is still important to pay attention to which ways the waves of fate are working in your own life so that you can make the best use of this time.  

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The focus this week will be on home and relationships thanks to the start of Taurus Season and Juno the asteroid that governs marriage moving into Pisces.  

It is time to address many of the relationship dynamics that you have been aware of since the start of the year.  

Juno in Pisces brings with it the highest ideal for marriage or commitment which is strengthened by the cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus being in this same sign. 

This is about love, but it is also about the commitment that you owe yourself. The one in which you no longer wait to delay your own happiness for the illusion of the right time, but instead decide to simply act knowing you are deserving of living your life, your way.  

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The luckiest day for your zodiac sign the week of April 18 to 24, 2022:


Luckiest Day: April 17th  

Following the Libra Full Moon lighting up your relationships, today you should still be riding high on that way of positivity. It is a wonderful day to make some longer-lasting changes in your relationship and to incorporate more of a sense of partnership. 

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Luckiest Day: April 19th 

It is the start of Taurus Season which means that the Sun has once again returned to your zodiac sign.

This represents a time when you should be feeling more confident and able to embrace your own truth. Life will start to align in magical ways for you during this season as well.  

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Luckiest Day: April 20th  

Juno the asteroid of love, marriage, and contracts returns to Pisces today which turns the focus on your career.

This is a fantastic time to accept a new job offer or even a position within your current workplace.

With Pisces, here the energy will be one that leads to a more fulfilling role and greater quality time outside of the workday as well.  

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Luckiest Day: April 21st 

The Moon is in Capricorn today which brings your emotional focus onto your romantic life. Use this as an opportunity to be grateful for everything that you currently have and have experienced through your relationship.

Today brings an elevated level of happiness and peace to your home and family life.  

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Luckiest Day: April 23rd 

Today brings the Last Quarter Moon to Aquarius. This asks you to reflect on what needs to transition or change for you to feel more fulfilled in your relationships.

This may represent more of a personal belief or way of life but will allow you to create more space in your life for what it is you truly desire.  

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Luckiest Day: April 20th 

Juno, the asteroid of love and marriage moves into Pisces today which throws the spotlight on your romantic life. Joining Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, and Venus, this should be an incredible time for you and new love possibilities that have a greater potential for a long-term commitment.  

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Luckiest Day: April 19th 

Taurus in your chart represents passion and the ability to change. As this zodiac season begins today you can expect this area of your life to begin to transform. Not only will this positively affect your relationship, especially if the chemistry has been lacking lately but it is also going to allow you to recreate your life in whatever way you have been dreaming of.  

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Luckiest Day: April 23rd 

On this date, the Moon is in Aquarius which triggers reflection on your home and family life. You have been moving towards making changes in this area that help you feel more aligned and happier. Today you should be able to take some important steps in creating what you are seeking, just remember no matter how big something seems, small steps are always what gets it accomplished.  

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Luckiest Day: April 20 

Pisces rules your home and family life which has been under focus since the cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus joined Neptune and Jupiter here. Today as Juno slips into Pisces joining the party, it means that marriage and commitment will move to the forefront of your mind. A proposal is not out of the question either. A truly lucky day in love.  

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Luckiest Day: April 23 

The Moon will be in Capricorn all day today bringing you a whole array of success and luck in multiple areas of your life. The Moon crosses paths with Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter making you feel better about yourself and more confident in whatever it is you choose to take on. An unstoppable day for you.  

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Luckiest Day: April 22  

Today brings the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius, the last significant lunar event before the powerful eclipse in just a week. Reflect on what you need to let go of or transform so that you can get to the next level of your life that you are dreaming of. Speak your truth and do not let the past define the present.  

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Luckiest Day: April 20  

There is no way that you are not feeling the surplus of planets in your sign already but today as Juno, the asteroid that governs love and marriage, moves into your zodiac sign things take a surprising turn.

What seemed impossible now is the reality that is in front of you. Marriage, moving in together or even just a deeper level of commitment are all on the table now. Stay open and trust that what comes to you is always meant for you.  

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