Selena Gomez's Soulmate, According To Astrology

The key to who Selena Gomez's soulmate is can be found in her natal chart.

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Selenators, assemble! In her 2022 Saturday Night Live monologue, Selena Gomez said, "I’m putting out into the universe that I’m manifesting love. And I would like to say that I’m looking for my soulmate." Though she also mentioned she would "take anyone," the secret to Selena Gomez's soulmate may be in her natal chart.

When we say Selena Gomez's soulmate, we are talking more about the personality traits of Selena's ideal soulmate, not a specific person. And, according to astrology, there are ways to piece together who would be a great fit for her.


Selena is a Cancer Sun sign in the 12th house with the Sun positioned in the special 29 degrees of the sign. This makes the name “Selena” absolutely perfect for her. The dreamy etherealness of a 12th house Sun brings out the moony Cancer energy in a super bright way, making Selena the kind of “moon” who can draw out strong emotions from those who hear her sing, and then make them dream of having just a slice of the extraordinary success she has achieved. 

Selena's exes seem to speak of her in a similar way. Especially Charlie Puth who had a brief fling with her but reportedly found it "very impactful."


Selena Gomez also has her Moon in Aries in the 9th house, so she's not going to be shy about expressing herself... even if her Cancer sun makes her more cautious at first. Just like the time she got super emotional and snapped back at Justin Bieber on Instagram for cheating on her. And she had every right to be upset!

Selena also has Venus and Mercury in Leo very close to her Ascendant. The former accounts for her beautiful locks of hair and her charming smile. The latter makes her poetic in a romantic way, but not obscure and difficult to understand. The girl can express herself just fine!

Knowing these traits of Gomez's, what complementary placements and traits would an astrological soulmate need to bring to a relationship with her?

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Selena Gomez’s soulmate, according to astrology

Selena may not realize this — because her Moon is “behind” her Midheaven — but with her Moon so close to the Midheaven and her Part of Fortune, she is drawn to people who she secretly fangirls over. Or at least, whose achievements she is amazed by. A lot of her previous relationships point to this fascination, especially Selena Gomez's rumored relationship with Zayn Malik.

But with a Leo Venus in the first house (and so close to the Ascendant), she craves a person who sees her, and only her. She wants her soulmate to be just as amazed by her! Plus, Mercury in Leo in the first house means Selena wants her soulmate to care about hearing what she has to say. Especially since she's very vocal about topics that matter to her, like mental health awareness, body positivity, and spreading love not hate. It would be important to her that her soulmate has closely aligned beliefs. But with a 9th house Moon, Selena also wants someone who she can learn from and expand her horizons with.

Interestingly, with Pluto in her 4th house directly opposite her Mars in the 10th house and her Lilith in Aquarius in the seventh house (another 29 degrees), to feel sexually attracted to someone, Selena would first need to feel very deeply about someone emotionally. Almost to an obsessive level. But in secret. Interestingly, she would also want to be the seducer of the person who is secretly trying to seduce her!

Ultimately, though, the person who is best suited to be Selena Gomez's soulmate and long-term partner is someone who brings something different to the table. She has an Aquarius 7th house, after all! This means her soulmate is the kind of person who flips the script on what the world expects of them. Someone who pushes the envelope in edgy new ways. Someone who is subvertive but not overtly obnoxious or attention-seeking.


Zayn Malik is definitely ticking a lot of boxes here!

Finally, with Jupiter in Virgo in the second house, Selena would prefer a partner who is sensible with money but knows when to spend big, where to invest, and why.

Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik zodiac compatibility

Okay, let's talk about the elephant in the room. Is Selena Gomez dating Zayn Malik? We don't know yet. But the two were spotted kissing in NYC recently.

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So how about we take a peek at the synastry between Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik's astrology charts?

Zayn has a stellium in Capricorn in the 11th house formed by his Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus. This definitely aligns with his subversive music style and personality. He also refused to be pigeonholed into the classic boy-band singer image during his time with One Direction. Also, Zayn's North Node is in Sagittarius, the zodiac sign of learning and expansion. And his Venus is in the first house close to his Ascendant, just like Selena's.

All of this makes Zayn very similar to Selena, but different enough to expand her horizons and bring something new to the table. (And vice versa.)

Their Suns are also directly opposite each other, which points to a strong attraction — as well as the potential for mutual head-butting.


The biggest potential problem is Zayn's Chiron closely conjuncting Selena's Mercury and Venus. This can aggravate the Chiron relationship Selena has in her own chart.

In the past, Selena has said that certain aspects of fame make her feel “really violated.” And she has a long history of struggling with her mental health and not knowing why.

From an astrological standpoint, Selena's Chiron being so close to her Ascendant, Venus, and Mercury reveals a subconscious wounding with respect to personal worth, self-identity, doubting her intelligence/mind, and having body image issues. Zayn's Chiron creating the same aspect has the potential to double the effect on her. And it's well-known that celebrity couples face unbelievable levels of public scrutiny and invasion of privacy.


Also, Zayn's Lilith conjuncting Selena's Descendant can make her feel like history is repeating itself. Or, at least, remind her of a previous relationship that changed her fundamentally in ways the public doesn't know about (perhaps her relationship with Justin Bieber).

Nevertheless, the synastry between Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez reveals that even if the two don't date each other for too long, they will have a significant impact on each other's careers behind the scenes. Especially with his stellium lighting up her sixth house and her Uranus and Neptune adding more power to his stellium. Selena can even inspire him to be more ground-breaking by just being herself and doing things the way she does in terms of making music or even acting. 

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