9 Reasons Why People Hate On Selena Gomez

Having fans often comes with having haters, and Selena Gomez is hated for some surprising reasons.

Last updated on Jan 19, 2024

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Selena Gomez may be one of the world's most beloved superstars but that hasn't spared her from backlash over the years — but why do people hate Selena Gomez, exactly?

The former child star has dabbled in acting, singing, producing and her own Netflix documentary. And with a career that has spanned decades, it's no wonder Gomez has garnered a ton of loyal fans. However, such a long-lasting career doesn't come without its haters.


9 most common reasons why people hate Selena Gomez

1. Selena Gomez was accused of lying about abusing drugs.

Gomez has had a few stints in rehab over the years. Publicly, she and her team have attributed them to mental health issues and problems related to her 2015 lupus diagnosis. However, some fans — and even some of the media — didn’t believe her.

For years, rumors have circulated about Gomez’s alleged drug and alcohol use. 

She has continued to deny the allegations, leaving many to believe she has not truly taken accountability rather than consider that she hasn't dealt with addiction issues.


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2. Selena Gomez was accused of stealing Orlando Bloom from Katy Perry.

In 2016, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had just gotten together. That same year, Gomez, a long-time friend of Bloom's, was spotted with him at a nightclub in Las Vegas — only it didn't look like they were just friends.

Photos of the pair caught in an embrace and looking much closer than some casual friends began circulating the internet.


There were no public outbursts, no callouts and no shade thrown, but people have not forgotten the time Gomez broke girl code.

3. Many accused her of being ungrateful for her new kidney.

After her lupus diagnosis, Gomez’s kidney failed, which caused her to need an immediate transplant, which she received from longtime friend Francia Raisa who stepped up and saved her friend.

However, there was no happy ending, and the two women reportedly fell out in 2018. The alleged reason for the fallout was that Raisa did not approve of Gomez’s unhealthy lifestyle after receiving such a big sacrifice as once again, rumors about Gomez’s alleged drinking and smoking started to go around. This time, the public was even more upset, believing her new kidney would be damaged.

However, in October of 2023, Raisa finally publicly addressed her relationship with Gomez in an interview with Extra TV, putting to rest any rumors that alcohol played a part in their rift. 


“We trauma-bonded, which is beautiful, but also it can get rocky and tricky… People grow, relationships change," Raisa explained, acknowleding that even though the kidney transplant affected their friendship, she doesn't regret her donation. "Obviously, I treat her like my little sister, she treats me like her older sister… I don’t know any relationship that’s perfect… I am happy that we are here today, celebrating and supporting each other.”

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4. Selena Gomez had a messy feud with Lorde.

Back in 2013, singer Lorde was new on the scene and sparked controversy by criticizing Gomez’s new song, "Come and Get It," labeling it “anti-feminist” and calling it a setback for the movement.


Of course, this started an era of bad blood, with fans taking sides. The noise died down over time, but Lorde stood by her words with no intention of backing down.

5. People blamed her for the leak of her alleged nude photos.

Like many celebrities, Gomez has had her privacy invaded via leaked photos.

Starting around 2014, alleged nude photos of her started leaking on the internet. Gomez has said that most of them are fake, but it’s clear there are untrustworthy people in her camp.

The violation didn’t stop some from slamming the star believing she was at fault.

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6. Many believe that Selena Gomez lied about having lupus.

Despite a kidney transplant and multiple hospital trips, some don’t believe Gomez has lupus. Her alleged continued drinking and smoking after the lifesaving operation have cast doubt on her claim.

It didn’t help that during her May 2016 GQ Magazine interview, Gomez said she had undergone chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia instead of lupus. Although it was a simple slip of the tongue, it didn’t stop the tabloids from taking the mistake and running with it.

7. She was accused of appropriating a South Asian symbol.

In 2013, Gomez wore a Bindi, a traditional South Asian forehead art, during an MTV awards show performance.

A Hindu leader found it inappropriate and demanded an apology, explaining that the mark is a religious or spiritual symbol, not a fashion statement.


Gomez shrugged the criticism off, saying she was paying homage, not appropriating.

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8. Her breakup with Justin Bieber was messy.

Gomez and Justin Bieber first started dating around 2011. Over the years, they have been on again and off again up until Bieber married his wife, Hailey.

Since they met, both have been plagued with relationship drama and speculation surrounding other people they have dated. The back and forth has caused fans to choose a side and some don’t like the way Gomez has handled the relationship.

9. People believe Selena Gomez is being secretive about plastic surgery.

In a world where plastic surgery is more accessible and seems to be becoming more common, fans have begun demanding transparency from celebrities when it comes to work they may have had done. For this reason, some people have started hating Selena Gomez, believing her fuller face is indicative of cheek fillers or implants. However, Gomez took to Instagram in December of 2023 claiming that all she's had done to her face is botox.


In a TikTok video, UK media Sermed Mezher noted that the fullness in Gomez's cheeks may not be filler after all. 



Despite what her haters may think, Dr. Mezher explained that her lupus medication may be to blame.

Whether you love or hate Selena Gomez, her actions aren't anything ordinary people don’t do.

She is human just like the rest of us and is entitled to make mistakes and learn from them.


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