How To Heal Your Inner Child, According To Your Moon Sign

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The Moon represents the mother in astrology, including all maternal and nurturing figures in our lives and what makes us feel comfortable. Your moon sign can therefore provide insight into your relationship with your mom, including the path you can take to heal the parts of your inner child that dynamic may have affected.

How to heal your inner child, based on your moon sign

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Aries moon

A person with an Aries moon sign has a soul that is daring, strong, and invincible. But sometimes this strength is forged under the most painful circumstances. For a Moon in Aries, the mother wound can easily surface as hyper-independence as a result of being left to fend for yourself in some way as a child. Healing comes to Aries Moon when they overcome feelings of distrust and abandonment and do the work to make sure their own children will always have a safety net in them.

Taurus moon

A person with a Taurus moon sign has a gentle soul that likes to live a meandering, stress-free life that's full of joy and wonder. However, some children can be prone to developing low self-worth. The Taurus moon must remember that a lot of things in life are priceless. Healing comes to the Taurus moon when they engage their practical side and realize that they shouldn't undersell themselves on the basis of someone else's “market value.”

Gemini moon

A person with a Gemini moon sign has a soul that is communicative, imaginative, and full of life. But this inner light can be severely damaged when they feel unheard or are told to curb their curiosity and obey blindly. The mother wound of a Moon in Gemini is also formed when their individuality is stifled and they are ridiculed for copying others, which is a natural (and automatic) technique employed by children to learn things and understand the world around them. A wounded Gemini Moon child may even put on acts and adopt fake personalities. Healing happens for Gemini Moon when they stop trying to please people and learn to find their own voice.

Cancer moon

A person with a Cancer moon sign has a soul that is nurturing, home-oriented, and compassionate. But this can get twisted on its head if they grow up in a household where they may have had to parent their own parent or otherwise grow up too fast. The mother wound of a Moon in Cancer can also form out of an unpredictable environment. Healing comes to them when they realize that it was never their responsibility to do the job that an adult or caregiver was supposed to do.

Leo moon

A person with a Leo moon sign has a soul that is creative, romantic, and ambitious. But this natural dynamism can get severely wounded if their personality is stifled in childhood or they experience emotional enmeshment. Healing comes to them when they stop allowing their parent to live vicariously through them and allow themselves to become their own unique person.

Virgo moon

A person with a Virgo moon sign has a soul that is inquisitive, detail-oriented, and intelligent. But their development can feel stunted if they're made to downplay their intelligence. Healing comes to the Virgo moon when they work on their self-esteem and realize that they have the power and intelligence to do right by themselves.

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Libra moon

A person with a Libra moon sign has a soul that is sociable, inviting, and fair. But in childhood, they can find themselves being valued for superficial things. Interestingly, this wound is often healed when the Libra moon finds their soulmate and realizes that they are worth more than just their looks or talents and are precious just because of who they are.

Scorpio moon

A person with a Scorpio moon sign has a soul that is resilient, deep, and powerful. But sometimes these gifts are developed because of survival needs. Healing comes to the Scorpio moon when they unlock their inner phoenix and transmute their pain to rise from the ashes in defiance of anyone who's ever wronged them.

Sagittarius moon

A person with a Sagittarius moon sign has a soul that is friendly, open-hearted, and curious. And while the presence of Jupiter can protect a Sagittarius moon child from a lot of woundings, it can still slip through the cracks. The Sagittarius moon may come to feel as though they don't have a solid home base or core group of friends, even though they crave it in their souls. Healing often comes to Sagittarius Moon when they adopt a pet. The constancy of that connection can help them find a home much like the phrase “home is where the heart is.”

Capricorn moon

A person with a Capricorn moon sign has a soul that is steady, patient, and ambitious. But throughout their childhood they have learned not to be vulnerable, giving them an air of coldness that doesn't match their warm, loyal hearts. Healing comes to the Capricorn moon when they acknowledge the importance of emotions, including the need to feel cherished, loved, and hugged.

Aquarius moon

A person with an Aquarius moon sign has a soul that is ingenious, unconventional, and humanitarian. But the severest form of wounding they can suffer is a sense of rejection. Moon in Aquarius can internalize rejection as a mark of unworthiness. Healing comes to them though when they use their adult discernment to explain to their inner child all the intricacies of their unique situation and find their place in the world.

Pisces moon

A person with a Pisces moon sign has a soul that is deep, spiritual, and compassionate. But they are very prone to getting attacked by emotional vampires, especially in their inner circle. The mother wound of a Moon in Pisces often manifests as a martyr complex. Healing can be difficult for a Pisces Moon because of how deeply they feel and how difficult it is for them to detach from others and their emotions, but will happen when they find the right person who helps them see things clearly and not take advantage of them.

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