How To Tell You're A Perfect Match, Per Astrology

Let astrology reveal true love!

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Is it possible to know if you have already found true love or when you may meet your soulmate? Astrology has been revealing deep secrets about human nature for centuries.

And many have sought this knowledge to find out more about themselves and others. But did you know that astrology could also help you find true love?

Well, it can at least indicate it.

Let me explain. In astrology, there are aspects, or connections, that planets in your birth chart can make with planets of others that can reveal true love. This kind of interaction between two people’s birth charts is called synastry.


Most of these aspects are conjunctions because, let’s face it, they are the most direct and strong aspects. Basically, conjunctions happen when two planets are in the same zodiac sign, preferably within 9 degrees. Or, they can also take place in two different signs but within that 9 degrees to count as a conjunction.

Another aspect that shows up in this list is the trine, which takes place when the two planets are in different horoscope signs but the same element. For example, a Venus in Sagittarius trines Moon in Leo because they are both fire signs and 120 degrees apart.

But, of course, trines can also occur in different elements. For instance, a planet in 29 degrees in Scorpio, a water sign, trines another planet in 1 degree in Leo.


So, since we got the basics out of the way, let’s dive in and find out what synastry aspects can signal true love.

Synastry aspects that signal true love

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Sun Conjunct or Trine Venus

Whenever I see this aspect between two people, I know that they are going to be at least very much attracted to each other. The Venus person, especially, sees the glory of the Sun person and thinks they are perfect! No kidding.


Venus signifies what we find attractive, not just physically but also in a more general sense. And since Sun is the basic identity and personality of a person, you can see why this can indicate true love.

Moon Conjunct Moon

This is one of the most harmonious aspects in synastry. Moon signifies our feelings and inner worlds. So when two people can connect on this level, it’s safe to say that they have a greater chance of developing a deeper bond.

In general, they need the same things to feel emotionally fulfilled and they can easily see where the other person is coming from. They can easily sympathize and even empathize with each, building a solid emotional foundation.

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Sun Conjunct Moon

This is a classic combination. Moon sees all that is good and admirable about the Sun. And the Sun feels super supported by the Moon. Naturally, true love can easily blossom from this.

In general, these two people can often feel like they are on the same path. And they are almost always looking in the same direction. Someone wise once said that that’s what a successful marriage is made of: two people looking in the same direction!

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

This is not a typical romantic aspect. But this is such a nice aspect because these two just make each other feel at ease and even happy. The Jupiter person, in particular, can really lift the Moon’s spirits up to the point that the latter is bound to feel the magic of love.


This is considered a benefic aspect according to almost all astrologers. So you know, this could definitely indicate true love.

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Mehruba Chowdhury is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture, and relationship topics.