How To Instantly Attract Someone To You, Using Astrology

Find someone with this particular zodiac placement.

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Some synastry aspects can make or break a relationship.

Some are potent enough that can leave us in a nebulous love bubble, while others can leave us feeling cold and abandoned.

Depending on the planet that connects with our Natal planet when comparing birth charts, the synastry can either be good or bad. This is why Moon transits can be the spark that keeps the fire going for relationship synastry.


Moon is an important luminary because it is tied to our emotional well-being. The importance of having someone that understands us from our deepest core is essential for love to thrive.

Moon conjunct Ascendant synastry

Moon conjunct Ascendant in synastry, meaning someone's Moon sign is the same as your Rising or Ascendant sign (or vice versa), can feel like a romantic movie come to life because there is a deeper connection and nothing is superficial.



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It isn’t your light-hearted rom-com. Instead, this is a dramatic romance that will rival any historical romance novel. There are elements of finding love at first sight, the need to be together, and a connection that can transcend time.

The Moon conjunct with the Ascendant could make both parties feel like they have hit the relationship jackpot. Moon feels understood and the Ascendant feels validated by them.

Having someone with the same Moon sign as our Ascendant and vice versa will make the Moon feel like they have found someone they can trust right off the bat. It is not surprising that folks with these aspects can pour their hearts out early on. 

With the Moon conjunct Ascendant in synastry, communication is a dream. The connection can feel telepathic at times which could result in scary moments, especially for people that are more reserved and do not like to share.


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Moon feels extremely comfortable around the Ascendant person since they appear to be comprehensive, knowledgeable, and understanding. The Ascendant person will feel like a safe space for the Moon. This dynamic works both ways.

Secrets here are easily shared which could be like a double-edged sword. As comfortable and easy as it is for the Moon and the Ascendant person to connect, things can get ugly if they have some disagreements.


It could be easy for them to weaponize the vulnerability of the other, but given their connection, it is unlikely to be extreme. At the end of the day, they are still fiercely loyal to each other.

The beauty of Moon synastry is that their partners can experience seeing the luminary in a positive and caring light. It is a connection that brings out the best in both with the caring, loving, and faithful vibes that go with it.

As time goes on, Moon and Ascendant's synastry connection can get stronger and better, especially with other supportive Saturn or Venus aspects. The key to being here is showing one another trust, respect, and care.

When the Moon feels safe, it can feel extremely loyal to the other person. Their love blooms and matures in what can feel like a sacred space.


Usually, this aspect will allow both parties to solidify their relationship quickly. Moon here is opposing the Descendant, the house of marriage, making it very easy to commit.

While this aspect can feel volatile and intense, it still serves to make a bond that could be unbreakable. Even if both parties split up, they will most likely think about each other for years. But, they will not discuss their feelings for their old flames with their new partners. The secret remains between them, even when apart.

It is an unforgettable pairing and connection. This synastry can bring out the romantic in those who have shunned the thought of love. It can melt hearts and turn the disloyal into someone devout.


Moon and Ascendant will learn from one another as long as they are patient. Fierce love, devotion, and emotional healing are synonymous with this connection. These lovers are in their little world and will continue to make it exclusive, even when their hearts have drifted into new relationships.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.