Virgo Man And Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

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Virgo Man And Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

We took a look at how well the combination of the Virgo woman is with the Scorpio man, and in terms of zodiac compatibility, they passed with flying colors.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the same for the inverse: the Virgo man and Scorpio woman. In fact, the subtleties of this coupling are what make it special, and perhaps even wonderful.

The Scorpio woman is a unique creature; she's going to go for what she wants, and she's going to be very specific. We know how sexual Scorpio can be, and we've heard how hardcore they are in just about every other department as well.

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Can the Scorpio woman find what she wants and needs in a Virgo man? And, better yet, can this man tolerate what he sees in this woman?

The truth is, the Virgo man is a near perfect match for her, as he's no shrinking violet, by any means. The Scorpio woman isn't looking for a wallflower; she desires that strength. She delights in his power, his snobbery, his perfectionism, no matter what mood he's in.

Let's explore the Virgo man and Scorpio woman love compatibility.

Their elements: Virgo is an earth sign, Scorpio is a water sign

By nature, the two go together in a way that is both nourishing and meant to be. The earth needs water, and water needs solid ground to flow over.

In a romantic relationship, there is much in common, and much potential for growth.

How compatible are these zodiac signs in love and intimacy?

The Scorpio woman is going to find the Virgo man very, very alluring. The thing is, she doesn't want it to be easy — she wants a challenge, a game.

While the Virgo man may say he's not a game-player, he will make it difficult for anyone to be around him, and the Scorpio woman will find that attractive because she knows, in her mind, that she will "conquer" him.

Their sex life will be great, in a word. Nothing is free for the Virgo man, so if he feels loving enough towards the Scorpio woman, he will make her pay, one way or another, for his time with her.

It's a great and very sexy dynamic, but it only belongs to this particular match-up of zodiac signs and genders.

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Do Virgo and Scorpio share the same values?

While she may want her sex hot and her attitude cool, she's not immune to compassion; the Scorpio woman wants a love life with a mate who shares her values, and she can easily find that in her Virgo partner.

They are both very spiritual people in their own ways, and spirituality and profound thinking belong to both signs. They both honor their inner worlds and hold sacred their fantasies and dreams of the future.

He may come across as more picayune than she; however, they find common ground in personal values. They both want the best, and they both know they have to put in the work to get it.

How does each sign express emotion?

He's an idealist and, in a way, so is she. And we all know that idealism tends to bring about disappointment when not fulfilled.

Emotionally, these two are in touch with their feelings, though expressing those feelings comes differently for the Virgo man than it does the Scorpio woman.

They will argue and easily disagree on many topics, but they never shut off the emotional output. They believe in the power of union, and always flow back to each other as they are very conscious of the treasure that is their romance.

Is trust a priority in this relationship?

While both the Scorpio woman and the Virgo man are great big personalities filled with drama and heat, there's one thing that solders them together: trust.

It's the most important thing in both of their lives, and they adhere to their own set of rules very easily. They both believe the relationship can only work within the guidelines of trust, and they stick to the rules for the sake of the partnership.

Once this couple has established themselves as "in it for life," they commit easily to monogamy and devotion.

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How do a Virgo man and Scorpio woman communicate?

The earlier days may not be "easy street," in terms of communication, because both parties are still proving themselves to the other. But this kind of perfecting act is only going to work well for them as time goes by.

They both want to know that all things can get worked out with words. They both believe in the power of confrontation, and though it isn't always easy to get up in someone's face to give them a piece of your mind, they will get that nerve up and do what's needed.

It's to not only get to the point, but to save the partnership and provide a safe space for future deep, meaningful communications.

The Virgo man and Scorpio woman match is the odd couple that surprises everyone with their longevity.

To observe them, you'd never think these two could get along, yet they can, they will, and they certainly don't care what you think.

Doubters and naysayers be damned — this couple wants to be together, and what we think of them is simply none of our business.

The Scorpio woman meets her match in the Virgo man, and while the relationship is all about learning how to trust, share and express, they will both rise to the challenge, happily.

This match is very compatible and has great potential to last a lifetime.

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